True Blood
Season 4
Episode 8: Spellbound?

Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Jessica walks outside, but Jason tackles her back into the house and she goes to attack him.  Antonia and the witches stop chanting at the same time.  Jessica snaps back to herself and doesn’t hurt Jason.  She tells him that she saved her life and thanks him.  They start kissing.

They hear Bill yelling for Jessica.  Jason carries her to Bill.  They see the guard, Bugsy, that Jessica killed in her escape.  Bill tells her that it wasn’t her that killed him that she was spellbound and that it was Antonia that killed him.  Bill wants her back in the cell and chained in case there is another round of spells.  She isn’t safe until nightfall.  Jason chains her back up, hating to see her in pain.  Bill tells Jason to leave so they can get some rest.  Bill tells Jason that he can’t report the dead guard and Jason says, then he can’t report the guard he killed on the lawn.

Markus gives a speech to his pack about how stupid the witches are for getting involved with the vampires.  They are more powerful than even the wolves are and they won’t get involved.

Sam goes to see Luna and tells her that he kicked Tommy out of his life for good.  He told her that he didn’t know that she was a skinwalker and that he could forgive him for killing their parents, but not for what he did to her.  Emma comes out and insists that Sam come play with her which she obliges.

Sookie rips the chains off of Eric at his instruction.  He hasn’t fed since he ate Claudine.  Sookie asks if he wants a true blood, but he tells her that it won’t help.  She offers him her blood and tells him that she trusts him to not lose control.  He tells her to hold something silver in her hand and to silver him if he does anything she doesn’t like.  He insists that he would never betray her.  After he feeds, he bites his own hand and tells her that he wants them to be one and gives her his hand to her wanting her to drink, which she does.

Jessica goes home and Hoyt tells her that he can’t live without her.  She tells him that she wants to move out.  He thinks she means she wants to get a new place, but she tells him that she doesn’t want to live with him anymore and she tells him it’s over.  He breaks down crying and saying that she is too good for him and that if he can’t have her then he doesn’t want to live.  She goes to leave, but Hoyt blocks the door still insisting that he wants to die without her.  She tells her to die then and slams his head down, causing his blood to splatter all over her. See the full recap and tell us your thoughts on this episode  here!
Overall Thoughts:

This was an obnoxious episode in my opinion.  With all the naked Eric that was in it, you’d think I’d really enjoy it, but I found the whole V high really obnoxious not to mention I never understood why Sookie drank his blood to begin with.  It just seemed out of character and out of place.  The Jessica and Hoyt thing was boring and I hate the Lafayette being a medium storyline and it’s not getting any better now that they have him taking Mikey.  There really wasn’t anything in this episode that I enjoyed.