True Blood
Season 4
Episode 7: Cold Grey Light of Dawn

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Luis appears to be attacking Marnie in her holding cell.  Katie comes in and Luis grabs her and forces her to remove the guards from the gates they need in order for Marnie to exit.  Then, Antonia talking through Marnie commands Luis to kill Katie.  He goes to bite her, but Antonia tells him no blood and he strangles her instead.  Antonia then tells Luis to tell his king that she has returned.

Pam fights with Tara and Naomi.  Then, some humans show up and start filming them wanting to earn money for a good vampire video, but then they start speculating that Pam is a zombie instead of a vampire.  Pam promises to hunt Tara down and then leaves.

Jesus yells at his grandfather telling him that his dad, Tio Luca, had to come back and save him.  His grandfather points out that he’s been dead for ten years.  He goes on to tell him that the only reason Tio Luca was able to come was because Lafayette is a medium.  He says he wouldn’t try to kill Jesus because he is the last of them left.

Alcide and Debbie are initiated into the Shreveport pack.  Alcide sits off to the side, sulking, while everyone else parties.  He’s worried about Sookie being in the woods alone during a full moon.  Debbie wants to spend time with him, but decides to take ten minutes with him to look for her.  They find her having sex with Eric in the woods.

Luis goes to see Bill.  He tells him that he has a message for him and proceeds to shoot Bill and tells him about the return of Antonia.  They fight.  Bill holds a stake over Luis’s chest and Luis pushes Bill’s hand causing the stake to go in his chest and kills Luis.

Tara decides that she can’t go back to New Orleans with Naomi.  Naomi tells her that she changed her mind that she can’t stand Tara and wants Toni instead.  Tara explains to her that everyone she has ever loved has ended up dead and she wants Naomi to leave to keep her safe.  Naomi tells her that she will regret this and Tara says that she already does.  Naomi drives off and Tara cries.

Jason is exercising while thinking of his dream about Jessica.  Hoyt shows up at the door and Jason lets him in.  Hoyt tells him that Vampire Bill needed Jessica and that she’s spending the night with him.  Hoyt is worried about Jason after being raped.  Jason tells Hoyt that he didn’t change and that he’s not a werepanther.  Hoyt tells Jason that he feels Jessica is slipping away from him.  Jason volunteers to cook sloppy joes for the two of them.  Hoyt accepts and then tells Jason that it will Kill him if he loses Jessica.

Bill tells Jessica about Antonia and then talks to his remaining sheriffs.  He instructs them to tell all their vampires to either leave the state or bind themselves in silver. Click here for the rest of the recap.

Overall Thoughts:

I thought this was a pretty good episode and much much better than last week’s installment!  It was great to see some naked Eric and naked Alcide…although I still wish Alcide was stripping down for someone else instead of Debbie.  And boy oh boy did I have some sexy Alcide dreams last night!  It was interesting to see the extent the vampires will go through to keep from submitting to Antonia’s curse.  But I honestly could care less if Jessica walks out into the sun or not, although I’m sure Jason will find some way to save her.

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