True Blood Season 4
Episode 3
If You Love me, Why am I dying?

Brought to you by OBS Staff member Heidi

This episode starts up where the last episode left off with Sookie in her car talking to a confused Eric, who’s standing outside of the car.  Sookie tells him that he knows perfectly well why she smells the way she does.  He tells her she smells like wheat, honey, and sunlight, and his fangs come out.  Sookie tells him she’s not in the mood.  He leans in closer to her and she drives off.

Then, she stops and looks back in her rearview, but doesn’t see him.  He lunges through her driver-side window after her.  Sookie runs out the passenger side door and he runs ahead of her and stops her.  Sookie punches him in the nose and tells him she is not his dinner.  He asked why she did that and complains that she broke his nose.  She tells him he’s a vampire he will heal in five minutes.  He tells her that he knows he’s a vampire, calling her “Snookie” which she quickly corrects.  He tells her he knows what he is, but he doesn’t know who he is.  He describes the last thing he remembers, but is talking in another language.  After Sookie gets him talking in English, he describes Marnie and the chant..saying her eyes where reaching into him and emptying him and that everything he was had been taken from him.  Sookie doesn’t make sense of it.

Sookie tells him she’ll help him, but sets ground rules that he is not to touch her or bite her…he takes a moment to answer so she starts to turn away, but he swears to abide by her rules.  They head back to her car as he’s telling her that he is grateful.

Marnie is lying down as Jesus is checking her over.  The other witches are restless and Jesus is complaining about how much he hates Eric and brings up him torturing Lafayette.

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Overall thoughts:

This episode was another good one. I loved the childish appearance and mindset of Eric.  I thought it was cute with his little apologies and childish looks and expressions.  I’m also glad that we got to see Alcide (finally), but was a bit bummed that he was back with Debbie…I liked the idea of her dying better.  I’m not sure what to think of Bill and Portia forming a sexual relationship…I think it’s a bit out there. And then there is Jason… you can’t help but, feel sorry for him and you just want to punch Crystal.  Also, I was relieved to see that Maxine was using Tommy to replace Hoyt and that it wasn’t anything sexual because that’s just gross!!  Speaking of Hoyt…the Jessica and Hoyt dram is still pretty boring…although I’m seeing flashes of this doll doing bad stuff and making Arlene think it’s the baby.  I guess only time will tell if that’s the storyline they are going with.

My favorite quote of the episode:

“You think the hillbilly police around here are going to do anything?  Do you think they CAN do anything?…Eric Northman is a thousand years old ain’t no police can touch him”-Lafayette

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