Brought to you by OBS staff member Katie

The season premiere of True Blood started off with Sookie frantically running out of the restaurant that Bill had taken her to that night because when she came out of the bathroom, Bill was no where to be seen. As Sookie is asking the waitress if she had seen Bill; Jason is talking to Andy trying to grasp what he just did.  He tries to escape it, but the moment where he shot Eggs just keeps replaying in his mind.  At the time this is going on, Jessica realizes that she has almost killed the person she was feeding off of, and she takes him home to Bills, where she finds flowers left on the porch by Hoyt. Jessica drags the almost dead body into the house and begs the man to stay alive.

Sookie tries to tell deputy Kenya about Bills disappearance, but Kenya doesn’t seem to care. She thinks that Bill just got tired of Sookie and decided to leave. So Sookie heads to Bills house to see if he is there, which of course he isn’t. She does find Jessica and they talk for a few minutes and Jessica said she would let Sookie know if Bill called the house or anything. Once Sookie leaves the house Jessica turns her attention back to the man she accidentally drained. She has no idea what to do with him, the only thing she can think of is to give him some of her blood.

Detective Andy heads over to Jason’s so he can tell him what he said to the sheriff. Andy lets Jason know that there are a lot of holes in there story, like how could Andy have shot Eggs from 20 feet away. Andy also encourages Jason to act like his normal old self, dating lots of girls. That way no one suspects anything.


First can I start off with…YES FINALLY TRUE BLOOD IS BACK!!! Okay sorry that is out of my system. It just felt like it was away so long! Well I have to say the episode was pretty good for being a season premiere. And okay that show was the best, because I got to see Eric’s tush. Hahaha  blushing1
Poor ole Jason, I don’t think he is ever going to be the same. What a shame.

What did you think of the episode? Have you all been counting down the days till TB came back? What do you think about them finally really introducing the Wolves?

Oh and are any of you rereading the third Sookie book so that you can compare how close this season is to the books?