OBS Staff member Katie brought us our weekly R&R of ‘True Blood’

Did catch this weeks episode of True Blood? Well, that’s ok. Well, not really. You so need to go watch it like RIGHT now. But for now I guess reading my review will have to do.

Quick Summary – Sam finds himself getting betrayed by Daphne. Who takes him to Maryann’s crazy orgy party. (which isn’t really what it seems). Bill’s maker Lorena came into the picture on Eric’s behalf. To stop Bill from saving Sookie. Mean while, Sookie and Hugo are stuck in the basement of the Fellow Ship of the Sun Church. Jason tries to leave the Fellow Ship but gets stopped by Steve and Gabe. Sookie then later runs into some trouble with Gabe, when a missing vampire comes in the room to save her.

Character Check

Maryann – Showing her true colors in this episode. Mary puts on her bull head mask and uses what ever powers she has to energize the people of Bon Temps. And have them all gather for a utterly weird orgy. Has Ben kill Daphne.

Sam – After he runs into Maryann Sam’s a bit freaked out and needs to figure out what’s going on with Daphne and Maryann. So he goes back to his bar grabs his gun and heads off to find Daphne. Sam finds out that Daphne has been with Marry for awhile and gets her to admit what Maryann really isn’t. A Maenad

Jessica – Has her first night alone with Hoyt. But must sleep because it is daylight. When she awakes Hoyt was ever so romantic and had candles and roses laid out for them.

Andy – Walked into Maryann’s orgy and  saw everything, fired his gun which made it easy for Sam to escape. When he goes to tell the other sheriffs they think he is just being his drunk old self again.

Jason – Slept with Sarah Newlin, but then starts to regret it when she mentions that she needs to tell her husband. Then he tries to leave the Fellow Ship only to be stopped my Steve and Gabe. Gabe is ordered to kill him, but when he starts talking about Sookie. Jason finds the strength to attack Gabe and run off. Later to be found by Sarah who shoots him.

Tara – Wakes up from a night she cant remember (she was under Maryann’s spell) the face that she doesn’t remember, scares her a bit. Her and Ben start to think its from smoking to much. Arlene confides in Tara about not remembering what happened the night before. And you can tell that Tara is starting to but two and two together.

Lafayette – Starts selling vials of Vampire blood again only this time its for Eric.

Bill – Locked in a his room with his maker Lorena. Gives him time to remember his past and shows him why he left Lorena in the first place. Neither Bill or Lorena have went to sleep since they’ve been locked up. (note: If vamps stay up lo long they start to bleed) Barry the bell hop has a message for Bill but Lorena pretends Bill isn’t there. Lorena tells Bill that Eric wants Sookie.

Sookie – In the basement of the Fellow Ship with Hugo. They’ve been locked up because they’re vampire lovers. Hugo is constantly worrying, he doesn’t think there ever going to get out. Sookie tries to calm him down but it doesn’t work all to well.  She decided to try something new with her telepathy by contacting Barry the bell hop. Hugo tells Sookie everything, turns out he is a spy for the Fellow Ship. Gabe comes in the room angry and tries to rape Sookie. But the missing Godric comes in and pulls him off her

Eric – Has been keeping an eye on the Fellow Ship with Isabel. When a conversation starts up about what attracts Isabel to a human. Accuses Stan of wanting to take over Godric’s Area.  Later on he hears Barry’s message for Bill and runs out of his room right away to go help Sookie.

Ok so this episode was GREAT! I loved it. I’ve read the books and so I know what’s supposed to happen and I really had no clue how they where going to portray that part of the book, but the people at HBO did a wonderful job. Oh and can I just at WOAH BUDDY GODRIC IS A LOOKER!  Oh and of course Eric is just as cute as ever. I loved how when Isabel asked him if he liked Sookie he tried to deny it, but as soon as he heard that Sookie was in trouble he shot out of his room faster than ever to go save her.

What did you enjoy about this episode? Would you change anything?

Did they choose the right actor to play Godric?  What about Eric, is Isabel right Eric does have a thing for Sookie?