OBS Staff member Katie brought us our weekly R&R of ‘True Blood’

Season 2 – Episode 12: Behind Here Lies Nothin’

Quick Summary – There is a wedding taking place in town, and you’re invited! Maryann readies for her god to come and runs into some trouble when Sookie goes a little crazy. Eggs finds out a truth he can’t handle. Eric receives a stern warning and now he has to make sure Queen Sophie-Ann’s secret doesn’t get out. Sam lives through a serious injury and sets out to find his real parents. Bill awaiting the most important answer of his life, disappears with out a trace.

Character Check

Lafayette – After being placed under Maryann’s influence, Lafayette has Tara bring the egg down stairs to Maryann. Then he orders Sookie to take of her clothes and put on a white dress.

Hoyt – Being stuck in a house with a possessed mom isn’t easy. Hoyt has traps set up everywhere so his mom can’t leave. Once his momma is back to normal he confronts her about what she said, about his dad. All of it was true – that’s when he storms out on his mom. He ends up at Jessica’s with roses but she isn’t home.

Jessica – Is so upset, she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She ends up feeding on a truck driver instead of apologizing to Hoyt.

Eric – Playing Yahtzee with queen Sophie-Ann, Eric gets a very strict warning. If the other vampires find out that they’re selling V, there’s going to be some trouble! Sophie also warns Eric not to fall in love with Sookie, like Bill so stupidly did. And the biggest thing of all, she tells him to never drink Sookie’s blood.

Sookie – Once Sookie gets her dress on Lafayette takes her down stairs, where Maryann tells her that she is going to be her Maid of Honor. Sookie informs Maryann that she won’t allow her to control her friends any more. Maryann basically laughs in her face. Sookie tries to shock her again but it doesn’t work. As part of Maryann’s wedding ceremony everyone had to drink blood then lick an ostridge egg. Once the town gets back to normal, Eggs wants to know what happened. Sookie reaches inside his mind and helps bring back some of his memories and he just can’t handle what happened.

Sam – Bill finally convinces him to give himself up to Maryann. When he gets there Maryann has Eggs stab Sam in the heart. Sam knows he doesn’t have much time left. In his mind he tells Sookie to destroy everything on Maryann’s statue. While Sookie is wrecking everything, Bill gets Sam out of there and makes him drink his blood. Knowing that Maryann favors the god who looks like a bull, Sam shifts into one and gets Maryann’s attention. When she comes over to him, he rams her in the heart with his horns and then shifts back into a human and rips her heart out, killing her. Sam, out of the blue decides to go and visit his adoptive parents, but he went there on a mission. He now wants to find out who his real parents are.

Andy – Jason and Andy come to save the day, but with it just being the two of them they couldn’t do much. Even their weapons weren’t enough to kill anyone. They ended up getting the big black eyes, like the rest of the town. After everyone is back their normal selves, Andy gets his badge back. Eggs comes after Andy telling him that he needs to arrest him, because he killed people. He even has the knife he used to kill everyone and is waving it around. Jason comes up and shoots Eggs and Andy covers it up.

Bill – After dealing with the Maryann problem, Bill takes Sookie out to a French restaurant where he proposes to her. She doesn’t know what to say, so Sookie asks for a moment to freshen up in the bathroom. While she’s gone someone comes and kidnaps Bill.

Dang, the season finale already! I just don’t want it to be over so soon and we have to wait until summer for the third season. I thought the final episode was alright. Not my favorite, but it wasn’t horrible. I think it should have been better though since it was the season finale. Finally Maryann is dead, I’ve been waiting for this moment all season long. Of course I didn’t think there was enough Eric time, lol. Him playing Yahtzee, that’s priceless!! Where’s Pam? She is barely in the TV series and she had a pretty steady role in the books! What’s up with them killing Eggs? ( but that’s ok I didn’t care for him anyway) Oh and Jessica, why couldn’t she have just apologized to Hoyt? What if her attacking that truck driver just ended her and Hoyts relationship for sure? Now I think I know who took Bill, but I guess I can’t be sure because Alan Ball has a way with twisting the plot.

What did you think of the season Finale? Are there characters you wish you would have seen in this episode? Should they have killed Eggs? Who do you think kidnapped Bill?