OBS Staff member Katie brings you your weekly True Blood recap and review:
True Blood Season 2 Episode 10 New World in my View Review

Quick Summary – Sookie, Bill, and Jason come home to find Bon Temps torn to pieces. Sam finds himself trapped, Jessica lets her Vampire temper get to her and Tara lets the demon within take control of her body.

Character Check: Sam – Andy was too drunk last night to remember what Sam said about Maryann. So, Sam tells him all over again. Andy decides that he needs to kill Maryann, but Sam tells him that she can’t be killed. Arlene calls from Merlotte’s telling Sam he needed to get there fast (it was a trick.) The crazy towns’ people are waiting for him. Sam and Andy run and lock themselves up in the freezer. Jason shows up to save the day! Sam ends up giving him self up to the towns’ people. Jason – Sookie and Jason get back in town and notice that everything is a mess. When Jason hears that Sam is being hunted down he tries to save the day. He threatens Arlene and Terry getting everyone to leave Merlotte’s. (But they come back. )After Sam surrendered Andy and Jason pretend to be the horned God (the God who comes) to get Sam out of trouble. Sookie – After watching Godric burn in the sun, Sookie goes and finds Eric. He has blood running down his face from crying. She kisses the tears away, but then wakes up (another dream!) Sookie and Bill go back to Bill’s house and find Jessica, Hoyt, and Momma Hoyt all. Hoyt’s mom has black eyes like the rest of the town and she is on a rampage. Sookie goes to her house and finds that it is trashed. Lafayette calls Sookie and tells her to get the hell out of there. As Bill and Sook are about to leave, Maryann corners them. Maryann is trying to figure out what Sookie is. Bill tries to drain Maryann and ends up getting some kind of illness. Sookie puts her hand on Maryann’s face and she generates some kind of spark (a new power??) Then they make their escape. Sookie wants to call Eric and get the doctor to help, since Bill is foaming at the mouth and spitting up blood. But he refuses to allow Eric to help. Jessica – After hearing Hoyt’s mom call her every horrible name in the book, Jessica just can’t take anymore of it. She goes and feeds off of Mamma Hoyt even though Hoyt tries to stop her. Bill – Sookie and Bill get to Lafayette’s and see Tara tied up to a chair. She has big black eyes. When Sookie tries to read her mind, she can’t. Bill has the idea to Glamour Tara. After trying and trying it finally works and Tara goes back to her normal self. Sookie needs some air so Bill follows. Sookie tells him that she can hear a chant that Tara was saying earlier. Bill recognizes the chant and decides he needs to go see Queen Sophie-Anne. When he gets to Sophie’s place he finds someone in the main room with a blood dripping down their foot.

DUN DUN DUNNN! So I wonder who’s foot that is. Could it be Sookies cousin Hailey? And well dang there barely was any Eric! At least the episode started off with him. Hmmm, I bet Hoyt and Jessica’s relationship might be in some big trouble now! This episode wasn’t as great as the last one ( I don’t think anything will compare, Ok well maybe a shower scene with Eric) but it was still pretty good. I thought Jason was a riot! Normally he just bugs the crap out of me, but this week he wasn’t too bad. Oh, and Sookie’s little shock to Maryann, what the heck was that? I thought it was a bit stupid myself. Maybe once we find out what it was, I will change my mind. Who’s foot do you think that was at the end? What do you think of Sookies new “power”? Will Hoyt dump Jessica for biting his mom?