OBS Staff member Katie brings you your weekly True Blood recap and review: True Blood Season 2 Episode 11 Frenzy Quick Summary – Bill seeks help for the town of Bon Temps. Jason, Andy and Sam become the town’s new law enforcement. Hoyt learns the sad truth about Jessica and his father. And Sam goes to some unlikely people for some much needed help. Character Check Bill – Upon walking into Queen Sophie-Ann’s, Bill find her feeding on a human. They go through some small talk about how Bill is a snob for not feeding on people (other than Sookie.) He again hears that you can’t kill a maenad, but he does learn that the reason Maryann looks and acts like a human (ok semi-human) is because they trick themselves into believing that they really are humans. Maenads also won’t leave until they have brought the God Sicily back and he requires a supernatural sacrifice.  Hayley is at Sophie’s house and tells Bill to tell Sookie hi and Hayley inquires about Gran. She doesn’t know that Gran is dead. Eric shows up at the Queen’s house and so Bill goes back and forth with him about leaving Sookie alone, Bill even threatens Eric telling him that if he doesn’t back off Bill would tell the Queen that he was having humans sell V. Hoyt – Pulls Jessica off his mother, so she doesn’t suck her dry. He is so pissed that he leaves Jessica. Once Hoyt and his Mom are home she starts preparing a “gift” for the god that is going to come. Hoyt tells her to knock it off. Then they get on the subject of Hoyt’s dad. He had always been told that he died saving Hoyt and his Mom from an intruder, but the truth comes out and it turns out that Hoyt’s dad shot himself in the head. Sam – Sam tells Andy and Jason that he is a shape shifter and can turn into any kind of animal he sees. Jason decides that they need to be the town’s law enforcement and as he is talking about his plan Sam sees someone peeping into his window. Sam runs outside to find Arlene’s kids hiding in the trees. They don’t know where else to go because everyone in the town including their mom is under Maryann’s spell. While talking to Arlene’s kids, Sam gets an idea to ask Eric and Pam for help. Sam goes to ask a Eric if he knows how to kill a maenad. Once home, Bill shows up at his door with a weird look on his face. Jason – After leaving Sam with the kids, Andy and Jason go to the police station to get some guns and ammo.  Jason distracts the girl that’s holding down the fort while Andy gets the goods. Andy ends up running into another sheriff who is under Maryann’s spell. Another sheriff sneaks up on Jason and Andy saves him only to be shot in the chest (lucky he had a bullet proof vest on.) Sookie – Tara, now back to herself, wants to save Eggs. Sookie won’t let her! Lafayette doesn’t want Tara to try and escape so he handcuffs her to a table but when they hear noises outside, Sookie and Lafayette check to see what’s going on. They start talking and Sookie finds out that Lafayette also has dreams about Eric. Tara’s mom comes out acting like she is super flustered with Tara. This was all a distraction; she gets the gun and points it at Lafayette and Sookie to make them let set Tara free. Sookie lets Tara go. After Tara is long gone, Lafayette and Sook go after her. But when they get to Sookie’s house, Terry and Arlene stop them. Lafayette gives them drugs to distract them. While he was taking care of them Sookie went inside and got stopped by this guy and if she tried to leave him he would scream so he made her sit on the floor and lay with him.  She finally tricks him and gets away, to find Eggs and Tara in a room smashing all of her Grans old things. They were yelling at Sookie that they needed it for a nest and on the table there was a homemade nest with a egg in it. Lafayette – With Tara’s Mom holding the gun at him he started hallucinating that Eric was the one holding the gun. He begins panicking while the gun is aimed at him due to him being shot previously. At Sookie’s house, while Sookie is inside, Lafayette has a run in with Maryann. He tries to shoot her in the head but she blocks it with her hand and it bounces off and hits and kills Carl. Lafayette goes to find Sookie and when he does you see that he now has crazy black eyes like the rest of the town. Tara – When Sookie and Lafayette go outside, Tara starts telling her Mom that she is still listening to the devil and that the devil will always be with her until she does something selfless for someone else. Tara starts begging her Mom to get the key for the handcuffs and let her go save Eggs. Her mom finally agrees. When Tara gets away back to Maryann’s she finds Eggs but he is still under Maryann’s spell. Maryann comes into the room and tries to spell Tara again and it doesn’t work at first because Tara tries to fight it. But Maryann slaps her and magically she is under Mary’s influence again. Again this wasn’t a super amazing show, but it was good. Ahh!!! next week is going to be the last episode of the season. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself! One really good thing in this episode – there was more Eric in it than last time. And even though he wasn’t fighting for Sookie’s attention, he was still oh so cute! Calling Arlene’s kids Teacup Humans was hilarious!! I got a call from my friend last night asking me if Sam was going to die. Now how in the heck am I supposed to know if Sam is going to die? I understand that I have read the books but umm HELLO the show is getting way different from the books. Anything can happen. Oh and did I mention I hadn’t even seen the newest episode yet? Once I was done watching it though, I thought she was crazy for calling me and asking me that because there is no reason to believe that Sam is going to die. She must not have fully listened to what Sophie-Ann said! I can’t wait  for the last Episode!! What do you think is going to happen in next week’s episode? Will Maryann finally die?  Who do you think is going to be the one to kill her? What might Eric make Sam do as a favor for helping him?