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Sookie wakes up to find Bill standing next to her. Still freaked out by what happened in the back of the van, she is sent in to a screaming frenzy. Tara, Jason, and Alcide tell Bill to leave, but Sookie stops them, she feels that her and Bill need to talk about what happened. When they are finally alone, Bill looks a little appalled that Sookie is afraid of him now. Sook understands that Bill couldn’t control himself when he was attacking her, but she doesn’t know if she can ever forgive him.  Bill also understands this, so he lets Sookie go. All he ever wanted was for her to have a good life, where she could grow old with someone who would also grow old with her. They say their ‘I love yous’ and then part ways.

Sophie Ann begins to move in to Russel’s house, complaining the whole time. Which upsets Talbot, the King starts talking about how he killed the Magister, this makes things even worse with Talbot. Debbie Pelt comes to the King and asks permission to kill Sookie, while the King thinks it is a good idea. At the moment it isn’t, he needs her too much right now. Debbie seems satisfied with his answer and leaves. But Eric believes it would be a very bad idea to bring Sookie in to the picture right now, because Russel is going to be in a lot of trouble soon. Russel thinks differently though, he thinks Sookie just might be the ticket he needs, a secret weapon. Eric’s comment about Sookie has the King believing Eric may turn on him just like he did with his queen, but Eric puts on a good show and convinces the King otherwise.

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I liked this episode, I don’t really care for the ending with Bill and Sookie, I am so tired of them now. Bring on the Eric is all I have to say.

Oh I like Eric’s revenge though 🙂 I wonder if that is the just the start of it though, does he have anything else planned?

Okay what is up with the “Be Safe” line at the beginning of the show, I could not stop laughing it just reminded my of Edward saying that to Bella in Twilight. Haha

Anyways what are your thoughts on this Episode?