By Romina Massa, Examiner:

HBO is helping fans prepare for the very anticipated Season 2 finale of True Blood, and wants to know how they are preparing for the arrival of The God Who Comes.

Queen of Louisiana Sophie-Anne Leclerq revealed to Sookie’s vampire boyfriend Bill Compton that there is a way to kill evil maenad Maryann and that  way involves the God Who Comes. Fans have been biting their nails, waiting for the True Blood finale.

HBO realizes it is not easy to wait, so it offers the show’s official website in an attempt to help thirsty fans satiate their bloodlust. Under the assumption that “The God Who Comes comes for those who wait”, the home of the Alan Ball created and Charlaine Harris inspired drama offers recaps and scenes from this season’s episodes.

The Season 2 finale of True Blood airs on Sunday, September 13th, at 9pm EST on HBO.

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Whoot!! I just cannot wait for the Season 2 finale. Maryann needs to die, which I’m thinking she finally will in this last episode.

Are you going to watch the season finale?

Have you checked out HBO’s extra stuff?