Attention, True Blood Fans: You’ll Get Your Werewolves After All

Crisis averted. After we fans got our first glimpse at True Blood season three earlier this week, there was widespread concern that werewolf Alcide Herveaux, a major fan fave character from the third book, would not be part of season three. Well, we caught up with True Blood boss Alan Ball last night, and he assures us that Alcide is present and accounted for in season three. (Woo!)

Alan tells us that not only does Alcide appear, but that he’s bringing his backstory from the books with him: “Alcide Herveaux is going to be on TV. We haven’t cast him yet, but I believe he appears first in the third episode. Alcide is already in love with someone, a very bad woman named Debbie Pelt. But will he fall in love with some else? It’s too soon to say.”

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Alan Ball Talks Gay and Lesbian Undertones and Sex on ‘True Blood’

Alan Ball and his writing and producing team for HBO’s True Blood talked gay undertones, spoilers and why pop culture is currently obsessed with vampires Wednesday night during a Paley Center for Media panel in Beverly Hills.

Ball, who created the books based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, said the gay rights metaphors built into the series were “not the main point of the show; that’s just kind of some fun window dressing. It only is a symbol for the gay and lesbian community because that’s what’s going on right now. I mean, 50 years ago it would have been African-Americans, 100 years ago it would have been women and their struggles for equality and the right to vote, that kind of thing.”

“To me, that’s all from Charlaine’s books and it makes it relevant in a way that is kind of fun and contemporary,” the series creator/executive producer added. “But to me it’s not the heart of the show; it’s part of the fabric.”

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Alan Ball is perfect for True Blood – only he could bring it to life in such an unforgettable way. I trust him to make the next season as kick ass as season 2. What do you think about these two articles?