What Kind of Monster Kidnapped Bill Compton on True Blood?

OK, let’s try this again: In just nine or 10 short months, True Blood returns to HBO for season three, but to tide us over during the looong wait, we’ve got our hands on a leaked casting call that offers a sneak peek of things to come. (Preproduction is already underway on the new episodes and filming is set to begin in early December.)

Vampires: Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) fiancé-to-be Bill was kidnapped in the season-two finale, and when we pick up season three, we’ll find him in the company of a courtly vampire named Talbot (as well as a quaint old Southern lady named Olivia).

Werewolves? If Alcide Herveaux, the werewolf introduced in Charlaine Harris’ Club Dead novel, is anywhere to be seen in the season-three premiere of True Blood, he’s hiding under an assumed name.

Zombies? Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) is going to canoodle with a couple of coeds who appear to have bullet holes in their heads. Are they the living dead, or is Jason cuh-razy?

Strippers: For those of you invested in Alexander Skarsgård’s Eric (and/or in Eric’s relationship with Sookie), you should know there’s a new girl in the Viking vamp’s life. Eric’s latest lovah is not going to be the telepathic Merlotte’s waitress but instead someone named Yvette, a Czech-born stripper at Fangtasia.

Rednecks: There’s a new gang of crazy white-trash bikers in town who like to assault vampires to feed their V addiction, and when they get their hands on a “vamper” we know and love, they start ripping him apart for the high.


Extremely juicy ‘True Blood’ spoilers below!

* Tommy Mickens is a grungy but handsome man in his early ‘20s who just so happens to be Sam Merlotte’s long-lost younger brother.

* More news on the PYT front is the appearance of Jesus Velasquez, an unordinary orderly with a heart to match his good looks.

* In a friendly bit of one-upmanship, Tara gets her very own over-protective vampire buddy. And a “sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy” one at that. That’s right, four sexys. Eat that, Sookie. The neckbiter, Franklin Mott, is also clearly in the running for TBGIAMV status.

* Yvetta, Fangtasia’s new Czechoslovakian dancer, is tremendously hot and comfortable being in the buff. Oh, and she makes lots of sexy time with Eric. (Don’t shoot the messenger!)

* Tara’s ever-distraught mom turns to the church for comfort (and maybe a little more) in the form of the honorable Reverend Daniels.


True Blood: Interview with Alexander Skarsgard (Eric)

Did you read the books when you got the part?

Yeah. I read the first five books before we started season one, but when we started shooting, it was just too confusing to keep reading the books [there are nine] because I didn’t want to end up wondering if I’d read something in the book or in the script. But we’re on hiatus now, so I’m going to go back and read a few more.

In literature and cinema and on TV we seem to return time and again to vampire stories. What do you think is behind our fascination with the genre?

I think it has to do with immortality and eternal youth. What creates a platform for good drama is that that is so alluring and intriguing to people. Immortality and eternal youth are so attractive, yet the fact that vampires are also lethal predators who could kill you in an instant creates great platforms for drama, I think. You have that duality. An encounter with a vampire could let you live forever, or you could become vampire food.


Wow, a ton of spoilers for next season. Too bad it’s 9-10 months away. Sigh, I miss True Blood. But all these little tidbits get me excited for next season. Hopefully the powers that be will continue to stir us up with spoilers. How do you feel about the new additions to the cast?