‘True Blood’ Season Finale Photos


Season 3 of True Blood just started last Sunday for all of us viewers. But the actors just got done filming the season finale. With that being said some new photos from the set of the True Blood finale just surfaced.

View more photos HERE

WOW! The season just started and I am already looking forward to the season finale. From the looks of it where going to get to see more of the amazing Godric, flash backs maybe? Awww, my poor Eric, what have they done to you? Hahaha but seriously why would they do that to his face, I don’t remember him burning up in the sun, or a fire for any reason in the third book. I guess something may have happened by I don’t remember at all. I guess it is time for a reread. And they have ‘blood’ tubes hooked up to Alexander Skarsgard, I wonder what could be going on. And well I guess I can’t forget Bill, he also has some wounds on his face.

What do you guys think of these photos? What could be in store for the characters of True Blood?