‘True Blood’ exec predicts long series

True Blood creator Alan Ball has suggested that the show could continue for several more seasons.

Ball told Fancast that he thinks the series will last for much longer than his other show Six Feet Under.

“I think True Blood could run longer than Six Feet Under because of the supernatural element,” he explained.

“There’s just so many areas to create stories that we didn’t have on Six Feet Under. Literally by the fourth season we started to hit the wall. It was like, ‘What about… Oh no, we did that in season two’. But because of the supernatural element in True Blood, I feel like it could continue much longer.”

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True Blood Preview: “Beautifully Broken”


I hope Alan Ball is right on with True Blood lasting longer than Six Feet Under. He definitely has plenty of material. How long do you expect the series to last? Do you think there will come a point where you’re just over it? (for me, not if Eric’s ass is involved.)

What do you think of the preview for Beautifully Broken?

The number of viewers for the season premiere was ridiculously high. Do you think the show will continue to get more and more popular?