‘True Blood’ star on season 4: Sex is ‘off the charts!’ via

“True Blood” is back and taking sexy to a jaw-dropping, mouth-watering new level.

Don’t believe us? Then maybe you’ll listen to one of the show’s sizzling stars…

“It wouldn’t be ‘True Blood’ if we didn’t up the ante a million percent and add like 50 new characters!” Carrie Preston told us of the series’ upcoming fourth season at L.A. Film Festival premiere of “Bernie.”

While Preston says her character, Arlene, won’t be doing anything raunchy enough to ruin her relationship with Terry (Todd Lowe), she promises the sex factor of the show, which is back June 26, is “off the charts!”

And for those of you who are like us and are hoping for more shirtless Joe Manganiello than ever, Preston ensures, “You’ll be satisfied. They like to get the clothes off those boys as much as they can.”

Yay!!  Naked hunks…what more could I possibly ask for??  Naked or half-naked Alicde and naked Eric…that’s all I need the rest is just gravy!!

Alexander Skarsgard Suits Up for Vogue Magazine via

It doesn’t get much hotter than this! True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard got all dressed up for Vogue Magazine and looked sexier than ever! The actor also revealed some tidbits about the upcoming highly anticipated season of his hit HBO show, including what becomes of his character Eric Northman.

Alexander admits that at first, he wasn’t sure he wanted to take on the True Blood role of the sexy vampire. “I was nervous about doing a TV series, because I wasn’t sure I wanted to play the same character over and over,” he told Vogue.

However, he quickly changed his mind, adding, “But this season is really fun. Eric gets amnesia and becomes like a big child.”

Holly Crap that’s hot!!  I like these much better than the Interview Magazine picks and they rank right up their with the GQ ones…yummm-mmmy!!

‘True Blood’ Cast Minus Alexander Skarsgard To Appear At 2011 Comic Con via

HBO announced that the True Blood cast will be in attendance at the 2011 Comic Con in San Diego at the end of July. This is the fourth time that “True Blood” has appeared at Comic Con.

Sadly, the True Blood cast will be missing one of its finest, the handsome Alexander Skarsgard. He 34 year-old hunk will be greatly missed especially since his character, Eric, made dramatic recovery in the Season 3 finale when he survived light exposure and the trauma of being buried alive. Skarsgards’ apparent absence is sure to disappoint fans as this is the second consecutive year the actor has MIA from the festival.

True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello Shirtless: Is That Really an Eight-Pack?! via eonline


Another day, another set of sexy pics of True Blood stud Joe Manganiello.

Don’t get us wrong—we definitely not complaining.

While the latest may be a fashion spread for GQ, it’s not the clothes that caught our eye..

The 34-year-old actor insists his fine physique is just part of his job.

Mmmm mmmm good!  The True Blood boys just keep me drooling!!

The new Season starts this Sunday, June 26th!!  Come and see the recap/review right here on OBS after the show!!