Video courtesy of Youtube I am so pumped for the new season of True Blood!! I was hoping that the show would do their typical look for any excuse for nudity and scrap the jeans…but we can’t always have everything we want!

And here is another teaser with Sam, and what I can only assume is his new love interest!

Video also courtesy of youtube

And here is sexy hunk Eric talking about the upcoming season!! This is the most candid that I’ve seen any of the actors of the show be!! I could watch that man ALL DAY LONG!!

Video via youtube

Stephen Moyer Is Facing The Atlantic For Charity

True Blood star Stephen Moyer has officially connected his name to charities Facing The Atlantic and Facing The World.

Stephen Moyer is working closely with his fan sites to raise funds for a cause that is very close to his heart: Facing The Atlantic.

The fan sites (aka The Vault) and will conduct a series of eBay auctions in close collaboration with Stephen Moyer in a combined effort to raise as much money as possible for this worthy cause.

The first auction ended only days ago and raised $830 for a personalized photo signed by Stephen. Auctions will continue until the end of the year.

Facing The Atlantic is the daring project to raise funds for the humanitarian organization Facing The World. Actor Bertie Portal (“The King’s Speech”) and personal trainer James Cash, will participate in the Atlantic Woodvale Race and row nonstop from the Canary Islands to Barbados. The goal of this amazing adventure is to raise £300,000 (approx. $482,000) for the humanitarian organization Facing The World.

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Anna Paquin Basks On The Beach

Anna Paquin takes advantage of the mild California weather by going for a stroll on Venice Beach with some friends on Sunday (March 13).

At PaleyFest 2011, the 28-year-old True Blood actress said she enjoyed meeting fans at the festival, “Because those are the people that watch our show, that ultimately, we do the show for. This is what it comes down to. We are in the entertainment business and it’s the people that we are entertaining that we are ultimately working for.” JustJaredbuzznet

It’s nice to see an actress that actually acknowledges the fans!! I would have killed to go to this paleyfest and see all my trubies!!

Alexander Skarsgard selected in fancast of Hellblazer

Alexander Skarsgard is an already accomplished actor, having appeared in films such as Zoolander, and will be in the upcoming films Straw Dogs and Battleship. Skarsgard is most well known as Eric Northman in HBO’s True Blood. He has the eeriness of Constantine, while also radiating the extreme confidence that Constantine always seems to have. I think this is an original choice, as I wanted to go for a slightly younger actor. Skarsgard is about 35, which puts him not at too young but not quite the old blue collar warlock. He still must overcome a learning curve, but has experience see the whole fancast here  comicbookmovie

I think that got the character pegged on this one!!