Casting: Eric’s Sister? via Hollywood Crush

It wouldn’t be a new season of “True Blood” without a slew of new supernaturals to keep tabs on. And though filming hasn’t started quite yet on season five of HBO’s vampire drama, we’re already getting our first taste of new blood.

TVLine is reporting that British actress Lucy Griffiths (formerly of BBC’s “Robin Hood”) is joining the series as Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgård) vampire “sister” (i.e. both were created by dearly departed Godric). Lucy will be a series regular, meaning we’ll see a lot of her come summer 2012.

The report describes Lucy’s character Nora as “intelligent, intimidating, cool under pressure and a very good liar.” Traits which will come in handy as she goes all double-agent like within the Vampire Authority.

It’ll be interesting to see how this long-time female acquaintance of Eric’s meshes with the other women in his life, namely sworn-single Sookie and Eric’s own progeny, Pam. Though Nora cares dearly for Eric, she’s apparently “dedicated her life to a higher purpose.” What do you want to bet that higher purpose involves bedding at least one bloodsucker this season?

I personally think that this character and storyline has a lot of potential and can’t wait to see it play out!!

More Pam & Sookie in Season 5? via digitalspy

Kristin Bauer van Straten has revealed that she expects there to be more scenes between Pam and Sookie in the fifth season of True Blood.

Bauer van Straten, who explained that filming for the new episodes is due to begin this month, revealed that returning to the show is “pretty exciting”.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress explained that the premiere will pick up right after the fourth season finale.

“[There’s] definitely going to be more forced interaction between Pam and Sookie [Anna Paquin], I feel,” Bauer van Straten said. “That’s the impression I get.

“You know, there are so many storylines that you only get a little tidbit each script. But I feel like Pam and Sookie are going to have to deal with each other.”

I love Pam, I can’t wait!!

Season 5: Alcide’s Family and Friends? via Boomtron

Joe Manganiello’s True Blood character, Alcide, is getting some new friends to play with, as well as possibly reuniting with his father. Unfortunately the father bit is just speculation at this point, but when you hear the reasoning behind it I think you’ll agree that it sounds like daddy is coming to cause some trouble for Alcide and the rest of his werewolf pack.

According to TVLine, an actor is being searched for to play the role of J.D., a hard-bodied werewolf in his 50s who isn’t about to simply obey the new pack leader. Sounds an awful lot like Alcide’s one-man wolf pack mentality. If that isn’t good enough, then keep in mind Alcide’s papa has a big role in the fifth Charlaine Harris novel that True Blood Season 5 will be loosely based on. But before we can get any kind of real confirmation about all this, the role needs to be cast!

As for Alcide’s “friends”, Season 5 will see the introduction of several new characters. We will be seeing former pack leader Marcus’ mother, Annie; a she-wolf named Rikki, a couple of beta dogs with skills in interrogation; Holly’s teenaged sons, Rocky and Wade; a corrupt judge; and a humorless vampire named Cat. Sounds to me like True Blood has no intention of reducing the amount of people flowing in and out of the soap opera-like drama. Yay.