Alexander Skarsgard on the cover of GQ via thefashionspot

I don’t actually know too much about his personal life, but Alexander Skarsgard seems like a great idea. The True Blood actor might have every flaw under the sun, but his crinkly eyes and stubborn, dimpled chin definitely make heartbreak a risk worth taking. GQ decided to put the Nordic vampire actor on their June cover and just: Bravo! But, question: who’s the GQ audience again? Is a photo of Alexander Skarsgard stripping off his tie while staring intensely into the camera really the kind of thing that makes men buy magazines at the newsstand? I guess maybe, since according to the cover caption, he’s got something “that all the ladies want.” True: his bod.

Sorry let me wipe away the drool…all I can say is yum!!  This is why I have an unhealthy obsession with this man…

True Blood Season 3 on DVD May 23rd via thefancarpet

Season three of True Blood may have finished on the television but you can soon relive Bon Temps vamptasticly sexy drama on DVD and Blu-ray.

The third 12-episode foray into the lives of Louisiana’s most blood-thirsty inhabitants sees Sookie pursue Bill’s kidnappers into deepest Mississippi, home to a powerful vampire king and a pack of vicious werewolves. As the season moves forward, dark secrets are tested and some come to light – including the extraordinary origins of one Sookie Stackhouse. But even with the introduction of new mythical beings vampires will always come out on top!

That’s my hubby’s birthday…I some how doubt he wants to watch naked Eric as his birthday gift though…

Season 4 promo

I never get enough of these promos….

Could Cooter return?? via

Grant Bowler’s character Cooter may have been killed in series three of True Blood but the actor says that doesn’t mean he can’t rise from the dead.

The actor, who considers himself both an Australian and a New Zealander, says that while the werewolf biker gang leader was fatally shot, it doesn’t mean he can’t return in the next series.

“There’s always a chance that Cooter may come back from the dead but I’m not telling you whether he does or he doesn’t,” Bowler says.

“Alan Ball (the show’s creator) is the cleverist man I’ve ever met and I’m not alienating him for anybody,” he laughs.

Bowler has good reason to hope his character can return after having a ball working on the HBO series last year.

“I loved it, I loved the people, loved the job,” he says.

“It was good fun that one. I made a lot of really, really good friends, who are still really, really good friends and had a ball doing it.

“So when you can go to work and do that. That’s pretty cool.”

I’d take them back just to hear the name a few more times…”They killed my Cooter”…priceless

Check out Alexander in this Straw Dogs Promo

I thought this was going to be dumb but it actually looks really good and my Alexander looks sexy!!