We only have a couple of True Blood articles for you today:

True Blood Executive Producer: Someone Will Die

We’ll be saying goodbye to at least one character next season on True Blood, executive producer Alan Ball tells exclusively.

“Somebody is going to bite the dust and it’s going to be really good to see them get what they deserve,” Ball says.

The only clue the Blood boss would reveal is that “it’s a person we’ll be happy to see go.”


Anna Paquin talks vampire sex

Sookie isn’t a vampire but she is psychic: “Sookie likes Bill because he’s the first person she hasn’t been able to listen in on the thoughts of, so it’s quiet.

“You can read into that on deeper levels about intimacy and relationships and finding that person you can be yourself with. They’re both outsiders. So when this potentially scary creature walks into her path, all she’s thinking is, ‘I want to go talk to him. I want to see what he’s like!’ ”

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Okay, let’s speculate, who do you think will die in the next season of True Blood? Someone that we will be happy to see them go? What do you think?