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The third season of ‘True Blood’ will explore same-sex relationship beyond Lafayette and his new lover, Jesus. Bill and Sam who used to compete for Sookie’s love, will be entangled in something which creator Alan Ball described to EW as “erotic connection”.

Bill will be “donating” blood to save Sam’s life, much like when he saved Sookie when she was beaten by a couple who wants to take his blood for V in the first season. Ball elaborated, the two men will have “not just any connection” but “an erotic connection.” For a fact, when a vampire’s blood runs inside someone, the vampire will be able to sense and feel the person.

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Woah, didn’t see that one coming. I know Alan Ball deviates from Charlaine Harris’ books to make for interesting cable, but this is quite interesting to say the least. Half of me is upset I came across this morsel, for it is a major spoiler and having read all the books, I know too much already. The other half doesn’t care and wants to know everything possible.

What are your thoughts about this interesting tidbit?