I usually hate those “it was aaaaaall a dream” moments, but I knew from the first second here that this was part of Sookie’s new Eric-oriented, recurring erotic daydreams. Poor Sookie, with the constant, vivid fantasies. That must be awful.

This does raise one nagging question for me, though: Why does Eric’s blood have apparently different effects on Sookie and Lafayette? Consuming a little of Eric’s blood has made Sookie a complete but accidental and unwilling horndog for him — so why hasn’t Lafayette joined Team Eric, too? Is he having Eric daydreams we don’t get to see, or does this magical fantasy bond only work when the vampire has the hots for the human? How come the people who do V aren’t erotilinked to those vampire sources? Am I over-thinking all this? And am I the only one growing increasingly concerned about blood-borne illnesses? Viral hemorrhagic fevers are real, people!

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Alright, she has a point! Sookie has now had two very vivid dreams of her and Eric. But as far as we know Lafayette hasn’t had any. What’s up with that? Could it be because Eric wants her, or is it happened because Sookie really does want to be with Eric?

Do you think they’re just over thinking things? Or are you wondering the same thing?