Amy Wilkinson, HollywoodCrush :

After last week’s creepy episode of “True Blood” several characters’ fates lie in the hands of mercurial maenad Maryann, who would gleefully sacrifice her best friend (if she had one) if it meant the God who comes would, uh, come. So who, if anyone, will die at the hands of the blood-hungry baddie? We don’t know for sure.

Mehcad Brooks, better known in Alan Ball’s mystical world as Tara’s boyfriend Eggs, has been cast as a lawyer on ABC’s midseason replacement “The Deep End,” set in a prestigious L.A. law firm, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The article went on, “The casting raises questions about the future of his ‘True Blood’ character.” You bet your bottle of synthetic blood it does!

We haven’t read Charlaine Harris’  novels on which the series is based, so we don’t know Eggs’ fate in the novel, that doesn’t seem to matter.

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Hmm if I remember correctly Eggs isn’t in the novels. So fans of the books aren’t going to lose anything if Eggs dies. I personally don’t care for him. That’s probably because he is a part of Maryann’s crazy story and I’m just done with her. I would like the series to stay super close the books but I know that’s not going to happen so if they decide to keep Mechad Brooks then so be it.

Do you think Eggs will die in season two’s last episode? Would you care if they kept him?