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This review contains spoilers for the whole of Season One, so if you’re watching on Channel 4, be warned…

Arriving on our shores with a reputation for explicit sex and lusty bloodletting, Alan Ball’s follow-up to Six Feet under is a hot, steamy, writhing mixture of ripe Southern melodrama and vampire lore, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof meets Ann Rice, unashamedly debauched and provocative. Its portrait of a Deep South still, forty years on, simmering with racial and religious tension is of a society built on a foundation of dissimulation and hypocrisy.

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No wonder True Blood is such a hit…everyone can relate to characters.  Unlike other TV shows the True Blood characters are just like us.  Emotional, flawed, sassy, hard working family-oriented (well at least some are), heck even the Vampires keep it all in the family.

When you really think about it, the vampires in Alan Ball’s series are the ‘type’ of people (even if they’re dead) that are shunned my mainstream society. Ring a bell?  It’s happened through out history.  It’s a metaphor for those kinds of people we don’t understand and are afraid of.

The viewers aren’t afraid though; we’ve bitten right into this fiery series with abandon.  Alan Ball pushes the envelope once again, this time with quick-witted dialogue, the handsome undead and plots thick enough to resemble blood itself. Sunday night is True Blood night. Over 5 million viewers can’t be wrong.  Alas, we have to wait patiently in anticipation till next summer for Season 3 to begin.  But one can tide themselves over by viewing Season’s One and Two, slowly!!! till 2010.

What do you like most about the True Blood Series?  Are you Team Bill or Team Eric?  What do you think is in store for Season 3?