‘True Blood’ Cast Dishes about Season 5!!

Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

True Blood‘s new season finally premieres this Sunday!

But before you settle in to catch up with the folks in Bon Temps, you should know we bugged the entire cast about the burning questions on our minds since season four.

Who dug up Russell Edgington? ….

“It definitely wasn’t Eric,” Skarsgård tells us. “Eric would never do that.” OK, one down. Only about 18 suspects to go, plus countless other new characters who might have done it. What about the werewolves?

“It wasn’t Alcide. I’ll tell you that much,” Joe Manganiello insists. OK, two down. Back to the vamps.

I can’t tell you who dug up Russell Edgington because it’s a very major plot point,” Stephen Moyer laughs. Hmmm, interesting response, Vampire Bill. We’ll let that vague answer slide…for now.

Moving on to that Bill-Sookie-Eric love brouhaha, Moyer reveals how the situation is going to play out in season five.

“I think he’s got other things on his mind. There’s just not time to worry about that relationship,” he tells us. “When we left Bill and Eric last time, Sookie had just told them she was going in a different direction for a while. And then something major happens to them and they are completely caught up with dealing with that.”

Meanwhile, Manganiello says that Alcide is not exactly still smitten with the lovely Sookie. “You’re going to see him pick up where he left off last season, which was pissed, and you’re really going to see his transformation this season into the big bad wolf,” he teases. “This is the season I’ve been waiting for since I’ve been on the show.” (E!online) Picture credit:  givememyremote.com

I don’t know about you, but Stephen Moyer’s vague answer and lack of denial is making me think more and more that he has a hand in Russell’s return.  Although, he did help bury him, but Bill is king of Louisiana now and has always been a smooth talker, I’m sure he could work out some kind of deal with the somewhat crazy king of Mississippi….but that doesn’t protect Eric’s hide any (and what a FINE hide it is!!).  Eric did kill Talbot afterall and helped bury him in cement so I’m sure Russell has some revenge planned out for my favorite viking!

As for the Sookie relationship thing, it sounds like Bill is giving up  pretty easy (almost too easy)!!  Leaving a big opening for Alcide to bring Anna Paquin’s pregnancy into the show in season 6 possibly??  I guess we’ll have to wait to find out on that one.

And I can’t wait to see the “big bad wolf”.  I’m just so happy to hear the show is getting back to the werewolf and vampire storylines!!