The track listing for the soundtrack for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” has been unveiled and features the following tracks:

1. Where I Come From — Passion Pit
2. Bittersweet — Ellie Goulding
3. The Forgotten — Green Day
4. Fire In The Water — Feist
5. Everything And Nothing — The Boom Circuits
6. The Antidote — St. Vincent
7. Speak Up — POP ETC
8. Heart of Stone — Iko
9. Cover Your Tracks — A Boy and His Kite
10. Ghosts — James Vincent McMorrow
11. All I’ve Ever Needed — Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed
12. New For You — Reeve Carney
13. A Thousand Years (Part Two) – Christina Perri
14. Plus Que Ma Prope Vie — Carter Burwell

Take note of track #11, featuring the Saga’s own Nikki Reed with her husband of “American Idol” fame.  This isn’t the first time one of the cast members has been featured on a soundtrack, as Robert Pattinson had two songs on the soundtrack for the first film – “Never Think” and “Let Me Sign”.   There had been speculation that Pattinson would have another song on the final soundtrack, as well as the possibility of Jackson Rathbone’s 100 Monkeys.  It appears that neither of those rumors ever came to fruition.

Perhaps the biggest surprise to many about this track listing is the appearance of Green Day.  Many might question why the punk band would be a part of something so commercially successful and outside of their main demographic.   There’s no surprise in seeing the return of self-proclaimed Twi-hard Christina Perri with a follow-up to her wildly popular “A Thousand Years”.   The final track is another original from “Twilight” and “Breaking Dawn” composer Carter Burwell titled “Plus Que Ma Prope Vie” – the inscription on the locket that Bella gives to Renesmee.   Can fans assume that this is intended to be a lullaby written by Edward for his hybrid daughter and will fans get to see Robert Pattinson playing piano again in this film?

The soundtrack drops on November 13, giving fans three days to listen and try to anticipate what scenes will be associated with the songs on the album.