True Blood Season 4 starts tomorrow, so now is a perfect time to remember how it started: Rose brings us the Top 5 moments from Season 1!

Episode 1 – Sookie saves Bill’s life: After leaving Merlotte’s with the Rattray’s, Bill is held down with silver so they can drain his blood. Sookie comes along and with strength that surprises even her, kicks Rattray butt. This fight leads to so many things to come in the season.

Episode 4 – Sookie meets Eric for the first time: Bill notices that Eric is about to summon them over and says “Uh-oh”. Sookie tells him vampires are not suppose to say uh-oh. After they are in fact summoned over, Sookie tells Eric it is nice to meet him and he replies she is sweet and she replies “Not really”. Foreshadowing that sets the basis of their relationship. Gotta love it.

Episode 10 – Sam wakes up naked as a human on Sookies bed and Sookie freaks out: She screams and hides in the bathroom. Sam must change into a dog for her to see who he really is. Classic.

Episode 4 – Jason Stackhouse takes too much ‘V’ (the vampire drug): His nether region member must be drained at the hospital. Jason always brings some insane antics to the show that leaves us in stitches.

Episode 12 – Bill leaves his sleeping place during the day in attempt to save Sookie: It is at this moment that there isn’t a shadow of a doubt how much he truly loves her. Little tidbit…in Episode 9, Sookie dreams that Bill burns from sunlight and is wearing the same shirt in this scene and in the season finale when he actually does. Did you notice this?