Whether you think Sookie should be with Bill or Eric, OBS staff member Rose gives you the top five reason for both!


Top 5 reasons Sookie should be with Bill

1. Bill truly loves her.

2. He was her first love she ever had.

3. Bill will stop at nothing to protect her, even risking his life.

4. Sookie allowed him to feel human emotion after so long.

5. Her grandmother really liked him.

Top 5 reasons Sookie should be with Eric

1. There is a definitely an amazing attraction between them.

2. Although sly and self-serving, Eric is more directly honest to her than Bill.

3. Their interaction together is so much more interesting and tension filled, which makes for great dialogue.

4. Whenever she gets into trouble he always has a hand in helping her out.

5. He’s a Swedish Viking, what’s not to like!

To go along with the theme of vampires OBS figured what kind of cake would Sookie have if she married one of said vampire’s above. We have found some of the coolest vampire related cakes and are giving them to you.

From Pinkcakebox.com we have the ultimate wedding cake for any vampire marriage.

From katillathehun on Flickr we have the Vampire Bride Cake, just ready to have teeth sunken into it.

From Apocalypse Cakes we have the Raining Blood Red Velvet Cake, now that sure does show just how dangerous your vampire love could be.

From redustrial on deviant art we bring you the Tru Blood cake, because what Tru Blood wedding isn’t complete without its own cake.

And lastly, what better way to finish off your cake than with a little Tru Blood to wash it down with.

Who do you think Sookie should be with? What’s your number one reason?

Also which cake would you have at your wedding?