Top 5 Funny Moments in Percy Jackson – Krystal

1. When Percy points out that even Lord Ares runs from Cupid statues.

2. When Grover used Medusa as a baseball.

3. When Percy teaches Clarisse that bathroom toilets are not a place for Percy’s head.

4. When even Dionysus can’t be bothered to remember Percy’s name.

5. When Nancy uses Grover as target practice for peanut butter and ketchup sandwich…and he likes it.

Top 10 Supernatural/Paranormal Powers – Krystal

1. Precognition – The Fates’ ability to see the future.

2. Manipulate Time – Kronos’ ability to freeze time at will around him.

3. Teleportation – Hermes’ ability to travel anywhere at any moment.

4. Hydrokinetic – Percy’s ability to move water at will.

5. Aerokinesis – Zeus’ ability to control sky and wind.

6. Necromancy – Hades’ ability to raise and control the dead.

7. Electrokinesis – Thalia’s ability to control electric current from her body to anothers.

8. Manipulate Dreams – Kronos’ ability to manipulate the dreams of demigods and humans.

9. Petrification – Medusa’s ability to turn anything that looks at her to stone.

10. Making Plants Grow – Dionysus’ ability to make plants florish around them.

Top 5 Most Beautiful Demi-Humans – Krystal

1. Silena Beauregard – As the daughter of Aphrodite, you know she’s got to be beautiful.

2. Luke Castellan – He may have a scar, but he still has beautiful Hermes-like features.

3. Percy Jackson – Percy’s got that average boy on the surface, but mysterious depth of his eys thing going for him.

4. Annabeth Chase – Annabeth is not only smart, but cute to boot.

5. Thalia Grace – She may have been a tree for ages, but Thalia is still the daughter of the gret god Zeus.

What do you think of the Percy Jackson books and do you agree with these lists? If not, what do you think they should be?