Britt from has contributed her top 5 moments from New Moon (for our book club):

1.) Bella’s Birthday Party – We were reminded multiple times throughout Twilight how Jasper was the newest member to the family and descriptions of his facial expressions when she’s around have always been an indication of this but in this scene, it is the first time we get to see just how close Jasper is to losing it. But we also get to see how much restraint the rest of the family has. They may have been drawn to Bella considering that’s their instinct but everyone else was able to hold their composure, remove Jasper from the situation.

2.) The “Month” Pages – Who knew three tiny pages with one word on each of them could be someone’s “favorite” moment. But for any of us who have loved and lost, we can totally understand where Bella is at mentally at this point. It’s where you’re in one of two stages: curled into the fetal position or downing pints of Ben and Jerry’s faster than the biggest kid at fat camp. The one person who you loved more than anything just ripped your heart out of your chest and ran to Italy with it. It was something that most of her readers could relate to so it really pulled you deeper into the series.

3.) The Wolves Save Bella From Laurent – It’s the first time Bella’s left on her own and she’s confronted by the one vampire who, in the previous book, stated that James had gone too far and he was done. Now he’s back and toying with Bella’s head after he catches her in the meadow. And the one person who she believes could save her is nowhere to be found when these wolves come in and take Laurent down. She finally realizes what Edward meant but there were more dangerous things in the woods besides himself. True, she doesn’t realize who exactly it is but she now has a sense for what else could be out there.

4.) Alice’s Return/Jacob’s Plea – I’ll admit that when I saw Edward left, I flipped to the back of the book to see exactly when he returned. As hard as I tried not to, I did. But I really liked how Stephenie placed the scene as in it’s not Alice pops up in front of Bella, it’s that Bella notices the car…then she walks in to see Charlie and Alice talking and she has to wait until it’s just the two o them before she can hear what’s going on. And then we get the bombshell that Edward thinks she’s dead…and then we hear Jacob plea with Bella to not leave. As much as I wanted Bella to be with Edward, Jacob’s plea tugged at the heart strings a little bit.

5.) Edward’s Torture – Where to even start with this one. His torture over leaving Bella, his torture when he believes she is dead, the pain he goes through with Jane as she plays her game with him in front of Bella, and then finally the torture of realizing the pain that he’d put Bella in when he left. Some of it was deserved, some of it wasn’t but in the end, we have a better sense of just what he’d go through to keep Bella safe. Even though we all had a pretty good understanding when he wanted to take her and run the country when James was after her. I think it’s my favorite scene because we get a lot more emotion from Edward than we ever did from him during Twilight.

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What do you think of these 5 moments? Are any of them on your list?