Today to celebrate the Lost Season Finale we bring you the Top 5/10 Lost Edition. If you’re a Lost fan I’m sure you’re looking forward to the season premiere in the meantime, let us know what you think of our lists.

Top 5 Lostie Websites

1. Lost Wikia

2. The Hanso Foundation

3. Hanso Air

4. Enter the Hatch

5. Drive Shaft Band (Older Site – not updated – but it relates to Charlie and his band)

Top 5 Strange & Prominent Happenings

1. Smoke Monster

2. The Numbers

3. Pressing the Code in the Hatch

4. The Statue

5. Flashforward/backs

6. The Polar Bear

Top 5 OMG Moments

1. When Kate had sex with Sawyer

2. When Sawyer had sex with Anna Lucia.

3. When Libby got shot.

4. When Sayid shoots the young Ben Linus.

5. When Jack refuses to operate on young Ben.

Top 5 Questions That Are Still Unanswered

1. The couple who hid the diamonds on the beach before getting shot…why was that even a storyline? What is it’s significance?

2. What happened to Claire?

3. Why do the numbers and Hurley have a connection?

4. What is the smoke monster?

5. Why is Jack’s father on the island and is he Jacob?

What do you think of our lists? Are you looking forward to this season? What do you want answered?