Top 5 Best Warriors Among the Gods – Chris/Krystal

1. Ares
(Well because he is the God of War, and he is very arrogant.)

2. Zeus
(He is known for his temper, and when you are ruler of the skies, he can be very scary.)

3. Hades
(He controls the underworld and a lot of evil monsters, so I wouldnt’ want to fight with him.)

4. Posiedon
(God of the seas, he controls the major form of travel to the Greek’s. Messing with him means drowning at sea.)

5. Khronos
(Father of all the gods, Khoronos ate his children…imagine what he could do to you.)

Top 5 Most Vengeful Women Among the Gods – Chris

1. Aphrodite
(Dont make her mad, she is godesses of love and will make your love life a living hell.)

2. Athena
(She is wicked smart when it comes to battle, and she is the wisest of the Gods, don’t mess with her.)

3. Hera
(She is a fierce women to be reckon with, she is the most protective God, so if you dare mess with her family you are screwed my friend.)

4. Persephone
(Tricked to living in the Underworld, and is married to Hades, she has got to be one bad momma.)

5. Artemis
(Because she is a forever maiden, she will never be put under the influence of a man, so she can’t ever be weak.)

Top 5 Books about Greek Mythology

1. Percy Jackson & The Olympians Series by Rick Riordan

2. The Iliad by Homer

3. The Odyssey by Homer

4. Tales of the Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan

5. Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli

Are you interested in Greek Mythology?
What do you think of our list? Do you agree with them?