In honor of our Lovely Bones book club, we give you the Top 5/10 Ghost Edition!

Top 5/10 Ghost Costumes by Dawn

1. The image says it all. It’s very detailed and would scare the shit out of me. I would think I was dreaming.Photobucket

2. He reminds me of the Grim Reaper.

3. This ghost costume actually reminds me of an angel.

4. Some serious freaky, especially because his face and hands glow. Do ghosts’ faces and hands glow?

5. Fun ghost costume that looks like a woman from the 1800’s. I would wear this out for Halloween, if I wasn’t too old. (lol)

Extra: Way too cute. Live vicariously through your child, I’m betting he/she would gets lots of candy.

Top 5 Haunted Places in the US – Dawn

1. Alcatraz – You can visit the jail and go into one of the cells, though I don’t suggest closing or locking yourself in, unless you wear brown pants to hide the fact that you’ve shit yourself.

2. Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona – Dating back to the 1880’s its no surprise that it’s on the list, a lot of gunslingers lived in Tombstone and many infamous men were killed there.

3. Civil War Battlegrounds –Places such as the Gettysburg Battlefield where people often see soldiers walking around. A lot of men died in battle. Cries of pain and battle cries have been heard. I was born near Valley Forge National Park and wandering around there, day or night, you get a sense of how many men died. It’s very eerie and I can easily imagine it being haunted.

4. Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts– Another one that is not surprising, but who really killed the Borden family? It’s a bed and breakfast now – spend the night and see what happens.

5. Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut – (said also to be seen in Bridgeport, Connecticut), Dating back to the 1600s, this place is touted as one of the most haunted cemeteries not only in Connecticut, but in the entire country. The most well-known haunt is a spirit known as “The White Lady”. The identity of the spirit is not known, but sightings of her didn’t occur until the late 1940s; meaning she must have died sometime before then. People have photographed and even videotaped her. Not only have people seen her with their own eyes, but some passers-by’s have even “hit” her with their cars as they drove past the cemetery.

Those costumes are seriously creepy! What do you think of them? What did you think of the most haunted places? Have you ever visited any of them?