Top 5 Coolest Creatures in Wonderland – Karolina

1. The Chesire Cat – The character who points out the madness that is Wonderland to Alice. He is cryptic and mischievous and flummoxes Alice as much as the other characters, but is also her biggest ally.

2. The White Rabbit – The character who leads Alice on her journey into Wonderland. He is manic, timid and aggressive, and without him, there would be no story to tell.

3. The Caterpillar – The Caterpillar sits on a mushroom, smokes a hookah, and treats Alice with contempt. He also has an awesome mushroom that allows Alice to shrink and grow.

4. The March Hare – Kudos to a character who manages to put up with the Hatter, and manages to vex Alice as much as he does.

5. The Dormouse – The sleepy dormouse naps through the March Hare and the Hatter’s game, imperturbable. You have to love a character whose main priority is sleep!

Top 5 Alice Adaptations – Caro

1. 1951 Alice in Wonderland – This Disney version could be the most remembered adaptation of all, but even though it’s a Disney movie I still see in it dark side.

2. 1980 The Muppets Show – Alice in Wonderland episode 506. For all the fans of both this was an episode that had to be seen. Who wouldn’t want to hear Miss Peggy yell “Of with his head”? Or see gonzo as the Mad Hatter?

3. 1999 Alice in Wonderland – This TV movie is my favorite so far. It had scenes that the Disney version didn’t and the actors where great. Not to mention Miranda Richardson as the Red Queen.

4. 2009 “Alice” – SyFy’s TV mini-series is rather and combines the best of Alice and sci-fi, adds a twist to the story, keeps the blue dress and shows you that even Alice can be a tough girl.

5. 2010 Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland – What else could we have wanted for Tim Burton to do an adaptation of? And it has Johnny Depp! And my favorite voice, Alan Rickman. What else do you want?

Top 5 Alice’s Through the Years – Caro

1. Alice from the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll, 1865 – Our first vision of what Alice could look like, becoming an icon and reference for future Alice’s.

2. Alice from the Disney version in 1951, voice by Kathryn Beaumont – One of the favorites of all times, that instantly comes to mind when you mention the name.

3. Alice played by Tina Marjorino in the TV movie from 1999 – I think she did a great job as Alice, kept that personality that describes her.

4. Alice played by Caterina Scorsone from the SyFy mini-series ‘Alice’, 2009 – This an older version of our typical Alice and I like the way she is because it shows us that she won’t always be a 10 year old and eventually has to find her love.

5. Alice played by Mia Wasikowska in Tim Burton’s 2010 movie – One that we’re waiting anxiously to see how she portrays our beloved Alice and handles the life of the Underworld.

Top 5 Alice Jewelry – Katie

I love that this bracelet has all of the characters included on it and the fact that it’s pretty simple.

Who doesn’t know who the Cheshire Cat is? His smile is almost iconic. I know I would love to own this necklace!

The stickers used to make this necklace are super cute! They even added a watch for the white rabbit. I like how they gave it a classy edge with the beads for a chain.

I really like how this necklace could be worn with a lot of things. It doesn’t just have to be about Alice in Wonderland. But true fans will know what its about.

I’m really starting to find steampunk interesting. And this is a perfect piece to represent it. Using a clock works really well with having the gears on top.

Have you read the original Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll?
Are you going to see the new Tim Burton one?
Isn’t that jewelry pretty? I really want that card painter one.
What do you think of our lists?