Author T.J. Perkins chats with Annabell about her YA novel Wound Too Tight. She discusses why she chose to write a book narrated by a male lead, what she would want to be known as if she was a pirate, why she created her own publishing house, and some fabulous upcoming projects she has in the works.

Annabell: Where did the idea come from for Wound Too Tight?

T.J. Perkins: I always like stories with pirates and ghosts, so I decided to mix the two.  I wanted to have some sort of a theme for this book and I chose time.  The story is actually ruled by the mystical pocket-watch and throughout the book I mention aspects of time.  The actual idea was really just a brief thought and the rest was made up as I wrote.

Annabell: The story follows a group of six boys (Shawn, Rick, Steve, Bobby, Jay, and Carl) who have been best friends ever since they were children. Why did you choose to write the book from the perspective of males? Why did you choose to write a book in the Young Adult genre?

T.J. Perkins: I felt there weren’t enough good books for boys and about boys.  YA are at that age where they’re still fun, playful and their imaginations run wild, yet they’re also old enough to understand things.

Annabell: Pirates and cursed treasure is a classic tale that I have always enjoyed. What were some fairytales or stories that were your favorite to hear when you were growing up?

T.J. Perkins: I love the Three Musketeers, Zorro and Robin Hood, but I also loved Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes stories.

Annabell: If you were a pirate, what would you want to be known as and what kind of crew would you have? What would your ship look like?

T.J. Perkins: I would be called The Lioness and my crew would be females from all over the world, different races and each would bring unique abilities to the team.  My ship would actually be a stolen Spanish Main; that would be our cover.

Annabell: Will there be a sequel to Wound Too Tight or another tale featuring the six boys?

T.J. Perkins: I’ve actually been toying with the idea to have Shawn and his friends all grown up and Shawn’s son actually finds the watch in a local pawn shop, buys it, winds it and everything starts all over again.

Annabell: In all the books you have written thus far, who has been one of your favorite characters to write and why?

T.J. Perkins: I would have to say Melissa in Mystery of the Attic, because she’s really me when I was thirteen years old and that story is based on true actual events.

Annabell: What inspires you to write? What has writing novels taught you about yourself?

T.J. Perkins: I get all these thoughts in my head and I have to get them out.  My mind is too busy.  {Writing has taught me} To write better, be patient and never give up a dream.

Annabell: You created your own publishing company, GumShoe Press, what was that process like and why did you choose to go down that route?

T.J. Perkins: Wow, I could write an entire booklet about this subject, and I have, but I became my own publisher to publish only my books; make them the size, style and price that I knew people wanted.  Also, too, my first couple of books where with POD publishers, not really going anywhere because of them, and I had to do something to get away from the POD scene yet grow interest and sales.  Self-publishing was the only choice.  The process wasn’t too hard. I met great artists and networked to build a huge collection of contacts along the way.

Annabell: What are some upcoming projects you’re working on?

T.J. Perkins: I’m currently writing a five book series called Shadow Legacy.  Silver Leaf Books is my publisher for this series.  Book 1 Art of the Ninja: Earth is already out and SLB has accepted book 2 Power of the Ninja: Fire.  Book 3 is completed and I’m ¾ of the way through writing book 4.  Once I’m finished book 5 in the Shadow Legacy series, I will be writing a new high magick and fantasy novel with a strong female protagonist.  This novel will be entitled Runes & Relics and will be unlike anything ever before published. I’ve already got the layout figured out, chapter 1 written and a new publisher is interested.

Annabell: If you could choose one of your favorite authors to become a character in a book you wrote, who would you choose and what would the book be about?

T.J. Perkins: I don’t have too many favorite authors, but I would like to take Kevin Hern and put him in a mystery novel about an ancient castle that’s haunted and getting trapped in a past life.

Annabell: Thank you to Author T.J. Perkins for the great interview! I’m excited to get to know her new Shadow Legacy Series.

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