4 star rating
Throw in the Trowel
Flower Shop Mystery, Book #15
By Kate Collins
ISBN#  9780451415509
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throw-in-the-trowel-flower-shop-mystery-kate-collinsI’m used to buried bulbs, not buried bodies.… 

The couple that sleuths together… …

Flower Shop owner Abby Knight has just returned from a romantic honeymoon with the man of her dreams. There’s no reason for the bloom to be off the rose just because she and Marco are returning to normal life. But when Marco discovers a skeleton buried in the basement of his bar, it is a bit of a mood killer.

When the body is identified as a carpenter who went missing back in the 1970s, Abby and Marco decide to cultivate the clues to solve the cold case. What could be more romantic? But the deeper they dig, the more desperate the murderer grows. And if Marco and Abby don’t unearth the killer’s identity, they may not live to see their first anniversary. (Goodreads)


This was anther fun tale of Abby, Marco and the great cast of characters all centered around Abby’s floral shop Bloomers. We get to see the crazy antics of Abby’s cousin Jillian. And can actually visualize the bizarre art work Abby’s mom will bring in to the shop for her to attempt to see. Abby and Marco are just back from their honeymoon and trying to get settled into married life in his tiny apartment with his horrible old mattress. Marco wants to protect his new bride, yet they still get drawn into a mystery when bones are unearthed in his bar’s basement.

The cast of suspects is pretty easy to figure out in this one. However the twists and turns it takes to get to the truth keep this book interesting and fast paced. Abby’s niece Tara once again helps to get to the bottom of things while placing herself in danger. Marco really stands out in the installment of Ms Collins’ series. His love for Abby is heartwarming and solid. His desire to protect his bride is however very frustrating for Abby.

I have to say one thing that really kept  this installment of the Flower Shop Mysteries from getting a  5 star rating will probably not bother anyone else. I could not get past Abby and Marco taking their 3 legged dog everywhere with them. If only everyone could do that, but laws prohibit it. Service dog yes, any other dog no. Yes, this is rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but as a service dog partner myself it throws things off for me. Every time I would read “Abby, Marco. and Seedy going to the mall, to the bar/restaurant, etc,  it would grate on my nerves. It almost ruined the read for me. Silly maybe, but it cast a bit of inaccuracy on the whole book.

I did enjoy this book and it kept me entertained. I always love learning about flowers so those quick tidbits of info from Abby were a pleasure. Not as cumbersome and intrusive as some cozies can be when the main character talks on and on about their particular knowledge. I would easily have given this 5 stars if not for the misuse and over use of Abby’s dog Seedy. It is a great format for rescue and I can understand Ms Collin’s desire to push that to the forefront, I just think she over did it a bit in this installment.

I would definitely recommend this book to any cozy fan or fan of soft mystery. This is a great series, with wonderful writing and flow. It has a nice romance that is actually wrapped up and solid, rather than the maddening triangle of love that seems to be so over used in many cozies. The Flower Shop Mystery series is one of the best out there. It is always a pleasure to read them and wait for the next to come out. Even as a married couple Abby and Marco have not lost a step in the entertainment and investigation arena. As always, this is a fun read that keeps you smiling, laughing, guessing and anticipating whats just around the next page.