Thorn In The Flesh
By Anne Brooke
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Kate Harris, a lecturer in her late thirties, is attacked in her Surrey home and left for dead. Continuing threats hinder her recovery, and these life changing events force her to journey into her past to search for the child she gave away. Can she overcome the demons of her own personal history before time runs out?


Thorn in the Flesh begins with a horrifically traumatic event in Kate’s life. Afterward Kate begins to examine her life.

Is she happy? Is she where she wants to be? Are there things in her past that should be cleared up?

Kate is a nuanced character. There were times I loved and hated her. She has a best friend, Nicky, but Kate has never really let Nicky “know” her. Kate holds back but Nicky confronts her. I was so proud of Kate when she decided to be fully honest with Nicky.

We all need comfort at times. It’s not shameful to ask for or need it.

Kate didn’t handle herself well in the past. She made some serious mistakes in how she treated others. But she did not deserve what happened to her because of it.

Kate examines herself and makes the necessary changes. Her emotional growth throughout the book is astounding. She was committed to starting a new life.

The plot twist is off the charts! I can’t say more or it would be too obvious. I will say this, Thorn in the Flesh is emotionally stirring, dealing with circumstances that most of us will never understand. I began the story not having much respect for Kate. By the end of the book, I felt as if I’d been to hell and back with her.

Despite never having been in Kate’s circumstances, the story made me think about my own life and where I am currently.

I recommend the book to everyone. I think men who have a loved one who has gone through such an event will understand more if they read Thorn in the Flesh.