By Donna Milward
ISBN # 9781908505910
Author’s website:

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Thoeba by Donna Milward, a debut author. Thoeba is an angel come to earth on a mission to protect The Energy she guards and to defeat the darkness intent on destroying The Energy as well as all of humanity.


Thoeba (an angel) lands, literally, on earth with a dunk in the water. Peter, out fishing, rescues her. He then takes her home and all hell breaks loose.

Thoeba is disdainful of humans, of their emotions and frailties. The development of Thoeba’s character is a journey worth taking. Despite being a seraphim, she has much to learn.  She has little compassion or empathy for humans. They are an annoyance, but Peter and his children Zach and Kayla change her mind. As they work and fight together, Thoeba begins to see that their emotions are not a weakness.

Peter has a military background and his tactics for fighting the demons are pretty funny. There’s just enough humor to break up the havoc as well as the horror created by the demons attacking people and animals.

Each time I thought a specific aspect of the story was tied up, another plot twist came up. Each plot twist came at the perfect time leaving no time for boredom while reading.

Zach and Kayla are snarky and resourceful. It’s fun to see how Thoeba becomes attached to them. She genuinely cares for and wants to protect them.

There is a lot of action peppered with humor. Beware, there are some sex scenes but they’re not too R rated. If you like books about Angels, this is a good read. The creation story is different enough to make it interesting. It’s definitely not a cookie-cutter book.

Thoeba is fast paced and just good storytelling. The story itself is inspiring. The overall theme is simple, but true. If we have compassion and work together, we can accomplish anything.  The religious aspect of the book is not so over done that it feels shoved down your throat. It’s just enough to make you think about who you are and what you stand for.

At the end of the book Thoeba is given a choice. Will she stay with the humans or go back to where she came from? Read and find out!