In this week’s Comic Book/ Graphic Novel Highlight we bring you THIS HAUNTED WORLD, which will be initially published in digital format. Sea Lion Books announces this horrifying new limited series, from Mark Powers and Chris Lie, the creators behind DRAFTED, just in time for Halloween. 

Synopsis: A world is awash in conflict and suffering. Some believe the Biblical End Times have arrived; others believe a civilization too often driven by greed has simply begun the inevitable process of devouring itself.

Amid the fear and chaos walks a shadow. In the war-torn hills of Afghanistan, in the tragedy wracked hills of Hiroshima. He is called by many names in many places – and where he walks, he brings death.

Two men – one whose ivory tower has been shattered by scandal, another sprawled on life’s rock bottom – unknowingly hold mankind’s only hope for survival.

For a war unlike any other is about to be declared – one in which 10,000 years worth of sins and pain come back to haunt us…

THIS HAUNTED WORLD will be available digitally October 31, 2011. 

An OBS review on This Haunted World will be up soon so stay tuned!!!