5 star rating
There will Come a Time
By Carrie Arcos
ISBN#  9781442495852
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there-will-come-a-time-carrie-arcosThis is one book that’s a must read. One to take your time and soak in the works, the pain and the nuances.  There is so much pain, hurt and anger and you can feel it oozing out of each page. The loss of a loved one is painful and each pain is different for each loss suffered, a mother, father, sibling friend, grandparents and a child, but a twin, it’s like losing half of yourself.

Mark Santos lost his twin sister, Grace, in a car accident and blames himself because she died and he lived. Survivors guilt is what it’s called and made worse because Mark was driving, even though he didn’t cause the wreck. He went to a therapist but sometimes it takes time and a lot of people to heal the pain and grief that’s wreaking havoc in Mark’s mind and body.

Hanna was Grace’s best friend and lives in the house across the street from the Santos family. After Grace’s death it seems that the pain and hurt of their loss brought them together. They’d meet at the bridge, take walks and just set outside Mark’s house.

Mark’s anger is out of control and when someone mentions Grace’s name, fight or flight kicks in and most of the time it’s fight that wins out. Grieving takes certain avenues for different people and when Grace’s personal effects arrive at the house, it just might be what it takes to get Mark on the path of healing.

This was a beautifully executed story and you can feel the pain and the hurt of this family and you can see when the cracks are starting to fill in and the healing finally begins. You can see the grief of the father for the death of a daughter and watching life slowing and ebbing out of his son, the step-mother who loved them both but knows exactly what to say and when to say it and you have friends who include you in so that you can forget the pain if only for a moment and then you have those in a group who have been where Mark is at now to help guide him and listen when the pain is too much to bear.

This story broke my heart,  I could feel the pain of Mark, his family and the friends. Letting something go is so hard and I just wanted to reach him and fix it all but that is what makes this book so great. It makes you want to be involved, makes you feel and it even makes your heartbreak and cry. I loved this book.

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