The Zombie Combat Field Guide: A Coloring and Activity Book for Fighting the Living Dead

By Roger Ma

ISBN# 9780425278369

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The Zombie Combat Manual provided potential zombie fighters with comprehensive instructions on how to do battle in the inevitable outbreak of an undead plague. However, even the most comprehensive advice is useless without study and practice.

Thus, the Institute for Undead Combat Studies has created an essential field handbook to help combatants of the walking dead hone their fighting skills, ensuring maximum preparedness for the zombie apocalypse.

This interactive guide includes:

  • Detailed technique illustrations, anatomical diagrams, and zombie combat drawings you can color.
  • Puzzles and brain exercises to help remember key combat terminology.
  • Work pages on making the right choices during an undead outbreak.
  • And much more!

Anyone can become an effective warrior against the walking dead. Make sure you’re ready to fight when the time comes—or prepare to join the zombie horde…


Zombies, don’t come at me.

With that said, I can definitely see where my flaws are when it comes to fighting and surviving the undead. One doesn’t realize how unprepared one is in case a zombie attack were to happen. But do not fear! The Zombie Combat Field Guide: A Coloring and Activity Book for Fighting the Living Dead is the best illustrated study book you can learn from.

Author Roger Ma detailed the guide with text and descriptive images that demonstrate what points in a zombie you must avoid to not get infected. It shows where you can give a direct attack, along with the weapons you can always use, and easily find around the house. I must say that my stock in homemade weapons is very low, but it gives me an idea of what to get on my next shopping trip. Who knew I needed a new sauce pan?

Something that I found very amusing was the multiple quizzes, throughout the guide, that help you discover your traits and abilities, and what kind of zombie fighting physique you have. At this stage, I am pretty sure I need to play more zombie games and better training skills. Zombies are not to be dealt with delicately.

It has tips for parents traveling with children, and the best way to fight a zombie while trying to protect your infant. The thought of it is just terrifying. The best way to stomp a zombie’s head is to practice, practice, and practice with the appropriate footwear and a tire. This works best if included in your fitness routine. Zombie combat is a serious sport.

I really enjoyed this zombie guide. It is different from what I’m used to reading, but a good read indeed. It has several scenarios from where to learn and imagine your zombie attack. The illustrations are helpful even if you’re not fighting zombies. All in all, this is the perfect zombie combat guide if you’re looking to survive the apocalypse and have a good time. I already recommended it to friends and they’ve taken one or two tips to be prepared.

Are you ready for the zombie attack?

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*