The Wolf’s Daughter
The Tala Chronicles, Book #1
By Patricia La Barbera
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When her mother dies, Tala returns to her New Hampshire hometown, and violent memories assault her. She struggles against supernatural powers to save her former high-school boyfriend, Matt. Tala stays alone in the family’s bleak house, next door to a cemetery. She finds amulets, macabre newspaper photos, and her grandmother’s diary, all hinting at an animalistic strain, for which a remedy may or may not exist. Can she prevent her enemy, Willis Sharp, from obtaining an amulet, which would increase his power and his danger to Tala and Matt? Can her grandmother’s diary lead her to a man accused of revolting brutality, but the only one who can help her? And will she risk confronting him by traveling through the wilderness of wolf territory?


Tala has come back to her hometown although she doesn’t have happy childhood memories. Her mother has passed and Tala needs to go through her things to clean out the house a bit.

Willis Sharp, a neighbor, is just oily! He is a nasty man bent on doing whatever it takes to get all the contents of the house. He insists Tala’s mother sold him everything.

Tala spends time in the attic looking through boxes from ancestors past. She begins to uncover the family secrets. She finds her grandmother’s diary and an amulet. The diary hints at a “family” disorder that could be cured. Tala becomes obsessed with finding her lost family member to unravel the secrets.

There are still sparks between Matt and Tala but they are both wary of one another. I wanted them to get back together from the first few pages. He is your classic all-American nice guy.

Tala is no push-over. Despite Willis showing her a supposed receipt, she will not let him in the house. She makes it clear where she stands. I truly appreciate characters who do not wilt or cry at a moment’s notice.

I enjoyed this short story. I was surprised to find it’s part of a series. It was all inclusive; I didn’t feel as if there were holes in the plot or story. In fact, it has me wanting to read the series.

If you like a good mystery mixed with the supernatural, this is the book for you. It is a great book for young adults and women.