2 star rating
The Witch with No Name
The Hollows, Book #13
By Kim Harrison
ISBN# 9780061957956
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The much anticipated final installment of Kim Harrison’s Hollows series is finally here!!  It has a smokey hot cover and I loved the little added touch of the blue butterflies at the beginning of each chapter.  I’ve heard such great things about this book that I couldn’t wait to delve into it, but sadly I was disappointed.  The flow of the story just didn’t work for me, and I was bored overall.  In fact it took me two weeks to muddle through it.  It was quite the let down as much as I loved the few installments before it.

Trent and Rachel are official now, but Rachel lives with the ‘knowledge’ that they are only temporary, feeling that it’s only a matter of time before he gives in and marries Ellisabeth.  It’s what is expected of him by his people.  And, he’s already lost so much by being with Rachel.  Money, his spot in the Dewar, and even his political standing.  But the stakes are raised even higher when he is threatened with losing his daughter.

Rachel is also on a mission to find a way for Ivy to keep her soul when she dies, and Cormel is breathing down Rachel’s neck for his own soul, he doesn’t believe he is weak enough to suncide once he’s reunited and will pull out all the stops to get exactly what he wants!

I think one of my biggest problems with this book is … well… Trent!  He’s not in this book.  Yes, Rachel’s boyfriend named Trent is in this book, but it’s not the Trent that we’ve known throughout this series.  I praised how Trent’s character has grown and developed in the past installment, The Undead Pool, but in this book I feel he has changed too much.  He’s a completely different person and I just felt like it was too severe of a change and that I was meeting a completely new character.  I hated how his life seemed to revolve around Rachel.  He didn’t even seem all that upset when Lucy was taken, which bothered me most of all.  I have always liked Trent so I was sad to see this shell of a man that has replaced him in this story.

Otherwise, I felt all the loose ends in this series were tied up nicely, even though the story seemed to drag.  We even get to see a glimpse into the future at the very end.  And it’s all sunshine and rainbows.  A final chapter in the Hollows series so that we can put Rachel, Jenks, Ivy and all the others to rest at last.

If you are a fan of this series, I think it’s one you have to read and I desperately hope you are one of the many who love this final tale in Inderland society.

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