The Wicked Duke

Wicked Trilogy, Book #3

By Madeline Hunter

ISBN# 9780515155181

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*Beware of Spoilers*

the-wicked-duke-wicked-trilogy-madeline-hunterLance, the Duke of Aylesbury, has been under suspicion of his brother’s murder for the last nine months, and still no resolution is in sight.  He’s had to curb his wicked ways until all of this blows over, but it has become quite tiresome for the Duke.  Then, he is offered a way to end it all.  Mr. Radley has offered to have a witness tell the coroner all he needs to know to clear Lance’s name … he only has to marry his niece in order for him to set it all in motion.

Lance has decided to do his own investigating and find out who the real murderer is, but has kept Mr. Radley’s offer as a last resort.  But Lance quickly discovers that he’s rather taken by Radley’s niece, Marianne, so he goes through with the marriage.  But imagine his surprise when Mr. Radley doesn’t keep his end of the bargain.

The Wicked Duke is the final installment of the Wicked Trilogy that follows the Hemingford brothers.  We’ve watched Lance’s two living brothers find love, but the big story arc of the trilogy has been Percy’s murder.  In this book we finally get the answers they’ve been looking for.    And a little romance for Lance too!

I thought this was an okay read.  It wasn’t great, but not terrible either.  I did enjoy Lance and Marianne and I found the storyline and the hunt for a killer interesting.  Not to mention, Gareth was back for some added fun.  And, I did not figure out who the killer was, but I liked it.  It made perfect sense!

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