AN INSIDE LOOK AT ‘THE VAMPIRE’S ASSISTANT’ A brand new featurette for “The Vampire’s Assistant” has been made available for viewing pleasure. Coming out courtesy of Apple, the promotional video centers its attention to Darren, his progression into becoming a vampire and him discovering his new skills with the guidance of Larten Crepsley.

The featurette is filled with snippets of interview with some of the cast ensemble. Chris Massoglia, Josh Hutcherson, John C. Reilly and Salma Hayek are among those sharing their insights on the story. The two minutes plus video also reels in many never-before-seen footage from the fantasy film, including a look at Hayek’s Madame Truska.

Watch the featurette and read more here.

Salma Hayek looks really creepy! This film looks like it will be pretty good. I am definitely going to drag my boyfriend to see it in October.

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