4 star rating
The Untreed Detectives
 A compilation of Short Stories from 12 different writers

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the-untreed-detectives-j-hartmanThe tough part of publishing is that you see so many great stories come through, enter the anthology. Where a full length mystery novel can be a hearty meal, the anthology be a tasty set of appetizers.~ Comments by Editor in Chief, J. Alan Hartman

The Dastardly Crew of The Untreed Detectives.

A Knife in the Dark By Kara L Barney

When times were good, home life could be pleasant enough….. but when times were hard, the line between good and evil blurred- Sherlock Holmes

I really loved  this, murder, mystery and mayhem. Who’s behind the murder and the maiming of young beautiful women? The only ones who can find this out is Sherlock Holmes and Watson but Watson is injured and the housekeeper, the trusty and ever loyal Mrs. Hudson. has to fill Watson’s shoes.

This might be a short story but it was action-packed and amazing. Sneaking in the dark and looking for clues of what may be a serial killer, chilling to say the least. This will take you back to the time when you hear the clip-clopping of horses hooves and candles that can be snuffed out as quick as a knife to your throat.

Will Sherlock be too late to save his housekeeper from being maimed or worst yet murdered and are they going to find love in the dark as well as A Knife in the Dark?

The only thing wrong with this story was that it was too short.

Angus wants a Peanut by Amber Rochelle Gillet

“Well…do you know where the farm is?” his bright green eyes stared straight at us both with the innocence and intensity.”

A beloved parrot has died and he wants them to bring him back.

So what do two P.I.’s do when asked this question and are handed the “life” savings from one of their youngest clients. Why they find the parrot of course.

Breathing Under Water by Janet Majerus

“My heroine, Jessie Schroeder, has returned to live in her hometown, Riverport, a small town on the Mississippi River, in an effort to resurrect her life and writing career after a devastating divorce. Surrounded by family and old friends, she rediscovers what it is like to live in a “fish bowl” where everybody knows everybody’s business. Some people claim Jessie is my alter ego. I do wish I had her insatiable drive to seek out answers no matter how many people tell her not to get involved, but not if it means I’m going to trip over bodies and uncover acts of malfeasance every time I turn around. As her on again, off again boyfriend, Sheriff Gil Keller says, “Jessie attracts trouble like a magnet attracts iron filings.”

I thought this was a cool story and wonderfully written and the statement Breathing Under Water, has true meaning in this story. For some strange reason Jessie’s attention keeps wandering into what happened to the student in the corner that wrote such a wonderful piece. Worried about her, she takes it upon herself to look in on her and when she does a few startling revelations come to light. Sadly she watches someone lose a life and hears the unassuming student say …

“I guess Jimmy didn’t know how to breathe under water.”

Dessies Jaded Past by Lesley A Diehl

You just never know about a person’s past, much less the past of someone’s pet pig. Both Dessie and companion both end up snooping somewhere they don’t belong and the next thing you know bullets are flying.

“No!” She threw herself down the alley, knowing she’d never make it in time to save Dessie.

What’s better than a drug sniffing dog? Well it’s Dessie, the drug sniffing pig.

Dog is in the Details by Neil Plakcy

Faint Heart by Gillian Roberts

She had a brooch with colored stones and she explained that the first letter of the name of the stones spells out a word.

Scandalous Silence By Whit Howland

This is one has a great story line and is taking place in an alternate universe. It has mimes and clowns as characters using 1920’s lingo.

“What a crazy box this life is and we’re all running around inside like rats”

Split the Diffence by Albert Tucher

“She comes on all motherly with a new girl, getting all the details about her life. Then when the girl says she’s quitting Trudy drops the hammer. “ You think so? If you try, I’ll tell your mother, father, your boyfriend, husband, boss in your day job, your dean of students, and so on. Trudy knows exactly what to threaten her with.”

The Cinderella Caper by Herschel Cozine

A modern story intermingled with a children’s classic. A detective is hired to search for Cinderella.

This is a really great spin on the Children’s story Cinderella.

The Wrong Move by Rodolfo Pena

Check and Mate

“Seems I am always making the wrong choices,” Rodriguez

The Trident Caper By Wade J McMahan

It was funny, cute and strange and any one who likes humor, imagination and fairy tales will love this one.

“No, Merpeople don’t have last name’s,” she said.

Bottom line for this book, it’s a smorgasbord of talented writers and all of the stories are different and you will not be disappointed. I recommend this to anyone who loves mystery, fantasy and fairy tales with wit and humor thrown in.