The Three Moons Realm: Volume 1
By James R. Vernon
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Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro

The Three Moons Realm is a compilation of five short stories, where each one describes the lives of several characters trying to survive in their own way; whether they’re poor teens or a high ranked warrior, that later on the author will feature in his full length novels.

I have to confess that once I started reading The Three Moons Realm, it was a little complicated to understand, since the stories and characters kept changing and I wanted desperately to find something more in common between them; a way to link them, but that was just me getting into the story :). But as the reading starts to progress, it gets really interesting, to the point where you’d wish the author would have written more.

I found these to be really good short stories to get one wanting for more. The plot for each one of them is set in a way that the reader starts to imagine what would have happened next if it hadn’t ended there. The author also has a good imagination in describing his characters and scenes, which is something I really like in a book. I even dreamt of the Hounds in the Abyss.

My favorite one was Redemption, a short story about a boy who even though he has little in that world, he is taken away from everything he knows. It leaves one wondering what will happen next in his life and if he’ll be able to become what is expected of him. The author did a good job narrating this story; giving enough information without spoiling it.

The one I’m mostly anticipating for the author to explain in detail in his full novels is Regret. I feel that this story itself is great on its own, you could place it on a different time line than the Three Moons Realm and it would be really interesting.

There are few books that I really enjoy without getting mad at them and this was definitely one of them. It’s easy  to read and once you notice it, it has already ended.