5 star rating
The Sweetest Summer
Bayberry Island,  Book #2
By Susan Donovan
ISBN# 9780451419293
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the-sweetest-summer-bayberry-island-susan-donovanThe Sweetest Summer by Susan Donovan is the “sweetest” read.  It’s the story of Clancy, Evie, Chrissy, and a mermaid.  It’s a story about love, reunions, and duty with a touch of magic thrown in.

Bayberry Island is well known for it’s Mermaid Statue, which legend says will help to bring true love to anyone who asks for the Mermaid’s help in matters of the heart.  Clancy, an island boy, doesn’t believe the legend and actually makes fun of it.  But when the wind picks up, thunder rolls, and the rain begins after he makes fun of it he decides he wants nothing to do with the statue.

Clancy meets a tourist, Evie, and the summer that they meet, they fall in love.  Unfortunately, they’re only 14 years old and they can’t prevent Evie from having to leave at the end of Festival Week with her parents.  Neither of them forget that special summer and their first love.

Clancy is now the sheriff on the Island.  During Festival Week on the Island he has his hands full with tourists and trying to keep everyone safe.  While greeting everyone leaving the ferry, Clancy sees someone who seems very familiar.  Could it be Evie, his long lost love?

Evie is on the run with her 4 year old niece.  She has made a promise to her sister that she would keep Chrissy safe and away from the man who never wanted the baby in the first place.  Unfortunately that man is a member of the U.S. House and he has bought his way into gaining complete custody of Chrissy.  Evie runs to Bayberry Island to hide with her niece and try to figure out what to do next.

Evie and Clancy are reunited and Evie has to decide if she can trust Clancy with her secret.  After learning the truth, Clancy must decide if he can break the law to help his true love.  What follows is a heartwarming adventure dealing with loyalties, family promises, love and legends.  The issues faced by Evie and Clancy include trying to clear Evie, keeping Chrissy safe and with her family and the decision of whether young love can be rekindled.

The writing style flows easily and this book is a quick read.  Throughout the book there are flashbacks to the “14 year old” Evie and Clancy.  I really enjoyed this and felt it added a lot to the story.  I feel it helped the character growth and allowed me to become even more invested in the characters.  I felt like the characters are very real and are people I would want to know and help.

The Mermaid plays a big role in the book.  It is mentioned often, both in the past and present, and you really get to know the details of the legend.  The magical powers of the Mermaid play an important role towards the end of the book.

I would recommend this book to any adult who enjoys a sweet magical love story that also has suspense.  I say adult because I think the romance part might be a little too descriptive for a young adult.   This is the first book I’ve read by this author but since I enjoyed this book so much I plan on getting more of Susan Donovan’s books.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*