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The Shadow Prince
Mortal Enchantment, Book #0.5
By Stacey O’Neale
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the-shadow-prince-mortal-enchantment-stacey-onealeThe Shadow Prince tells the story of Rowan, the heir of the Fire Court of Avalon. In this world, the elements are controlled by elementals (beings that can control one of the four elements: fire, air, water or wood. Also called faeries.) Avalon is where this elementals live and it is surround by a mist that keeps everybody inside from ageing. Because of this mist, children are raised on the outside world by people that know and worship the elementals, but for a short periods of time can visit Avalon.

At a mature age, they are allowed to return for as long as they want. Sixteen year old Rowan, is found at the beach by his friend Marcus who tells him that his mother, Queen Prisma, has decided to pass on the crown to him and he is to go to the Fire Court at once. The Fire Court is at the dry part of Avalon, which is divide by the four courts. Making their way to the fire palace through the core of an inactive volcano, Queen Prisma announce that there is going to be a celebration for her son’s upcoming coronation and the other courts are to assist.  Rowan wants to be king so he can end his mother’s tyranny, is suspicious.

At the party he sees the Air King, Taron, a man whom he looks up to since he was a child. Wood King, Orion, congratulates him and gives him a sword forged out of iron, while Water Queen, Bittra, has a vision of Rowan’s future.

From inside my head, I heard, “I see trouble for you, young prince. Two possible paths lay at your feet. At the end of both paths, your hands are covered in blood”

“What do you mean covered in blood? Are you saying someone will die?” My eyebrows furrowed. “You have to tell me more.”

“I cannot. The future is always changing. Outcomes are never certain”

With this in mind, he asks his mother why she is giving him the crown, when they both know that she doesn’t like him. Her answer is that for him to be king he has to kill the Air heir before his coronation. In other words, kill King Taron’s only daughter Kalin.

This book is the prequel for the Mortal Enchantment series that will be released later this month. This is Stacey O’Neale’s first time publishing a story and the beginning of her first series. O’Neale works as a book blogger and publicist for fantasy book addict.

For a first time writer, the story was well written, the main character development was good, going from:

“I will do anything for the people of the court,’

to realizing that there is more than just the needs of one part of Avalon to what all Avalon really needs. O’Neale gives a twist to the stories of element users, giving them a place in the modern world where people are always taking for granted that elements are an occurrence of nature.

As this story ends, book one in the series starts off instantly, but this time with Kalin as the narrator. I’m hoping that Rowan also gets to narrate his POV. I believe that all the characters for the series have been introduce or mentioned and maybe a few will later appear, but the main pieces for the game are set.

The story is available for free on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads. I recommend you read The Shadow Prince to see whose blood Rowan has on his hands and how he loses his wings. The burden of a crown is heavy, even ruling from the shadows.

If you could be an elemental, what kind will you be?

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