4 star rating
The Scent of Blood”
Nathaniel Singer P.I., Book #1
By Raymond Miller
ISBN# 9781592641840

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the-scent-of-blood-nathaniel-singer-p-i-raymond-millerAndrew Carpenter was a celebrity doctor, a star in his field. Now he’s dead, killed in a hit-and-run on the streets of Manhattan. The police think it was an accident, but his devastated wife is sure it was murder.

Private detective Nathaniel Singer agrees to take the case. Singer had once dreamed of being a poet, but he’s discovered that his true calling is the art of saving lives. He soon discovers that Carpenter had powerful, frightening enemies—and powerful, frightening friends. And he soon finds himself caught up in a world of trouble.


“The Poet Rimbaud once famously declared that “I’ is someone else. This would be a handy slogan for a private detective who has to be someone else every couple of weeks or so in the line of duty”


“When violence is about to threaten the worst mistake you can make, I’ve found, is to assume that you don’t have time to think. Acting without thinking is the definition of panic. You almost always have at least a few seconds to evaluate the situation- to assess your opponents and to assess your own resources. When violence is about to threaten you need to slow yourself down for a moment to think.”

This is the start of a great series for those who love detective stories and mystery. This was a great book and couldn’t hardly wait to finish it to see how it would end (I was tempted to read ahead to the last chapter), but I am glad I read it through because it was a story that you could really get into and the you would miss the best parts.

Singer is not your typical P.I. and if you were to see him on the street the P.I. profession would be the last thing you would guess he would be but by golly he is and he’s one for the books. You will have a hard time waiting for the next book in this new series.

A wife, a husband dead by a hit and run and police that are too star struck to question the report of a top cop.