The Savior

Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book #17

By J.R. Ward

ISBN# 9781501194948

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Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Murhder was once a proud member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.  However, to this day, he is the only member that was ever kicked out of the brotherhood for going insane.  What the brothers didn’t realize, is that he had help going crazy, and that he wasn’t guilty of all the things they think he did.  And, now the person responsible for his insanity and the one he was protecting is mated to one of the brothers.

Murhder has lived the last few decades off the grid in the attic of a hotel he owns.  However, when he starts receiving letters from a female that he failed, he knows he must act.  She was pregnant and close to delivering when he found her in the human lab and he was forced to leave her behind.  By the time he returned she had been moved.  Now she’s dying and only has one request: save her son!  Murhder takes his letters to the king and demands help in finding her and the son that has lived his entire life being tortured in the labs.

Dr. Sarah Watkins has worked at BioMed for years doing cancer research.  Her fiancé, Gerry, was a genius in his field and they hired her just to get him to work for them.  Gerry died almost two years ago of insulin shock.  Their relationship had taken a nosedive and she wasn’t sure if they’d even make it to the altar.  But now an FBI agent is coming around asking questions, which leads her on a fact finding mission of her own.  One that leads her to discovering a young child being injected with deadly diseases.  She goes to find him at a secret lab at BioMed to break him out, when her world changes forever.  The fighters that come for the boy are like nothing she’s ever seen before, but as scary as they are, she refuses to leave the child.  Therefore, she goes with them.  And, as she ponders what’s next for her now that her career will surely be over, she not only discovers another species, but one that could use her expertise.  However, she can’t stay in their world and her time to find a cure is limited.  And, even the love of one of those warriors can’t change that.  So she’ll enjoy the time she has and do whatever it takes to help them.

I’ve been waiting for Murhder’s story forever!  He was mentioned so long ago that I actually thought that Ward had changed her mind about writing his book.  And, when I give up, it happens!  This was an okay read, but it really wasn’t one of my favorites.  I felt Murhder and Sarah’s relationship was a bit rushed and kind of boring too. 

This book also focused on John Matthew and Xhex.  Unfortunately, that’s another couple that I’ve never been a big fan of. 

So, honestly with this book featuring two dull-to-me relationships, it was a hard read for me.  It wasn’t bad, just a bit bland and disappointing.  I mean I’ve been waiting for Murhder’s story for YEARS!  I expected more from it.

We did get to see Throe and his shadows as he made his next play for the throne.  And, a new and much more powerful enemy emerges.  I’m not quite sure what I think of that just yet, but I guess we’ll have to see how it all plays out. 

On to the next book, I suppose.